25 Vintage Vessels We Love on Etsy Under $150

Words by Sacha Strebe.

There’s no denying Athena’s devotion to verticality via creative clippings launched a branch revolution. Fellow stylish stem enthusiasts embarked on nature walks, clippers in hand, foraging and snipping along the way to mimic the visual alchemy and engage something seasonal and natural into their homes. The sculptural quality and unruly nature of branches in a refined space is the juxtaposition we all crave. As with most things, nature is our greatest source of inspiration. To honor their inherent beauty, these artful arrangements require unique and decorative vintage vessels to complement but also anchor their wild charms. 

We curated a selection of our favorite vintage vessels on Etsy all under $100 because we’re all about affordable elevated essentials. 

25 Vintage Vessels We Love on Etsy Under $150
25 Vintage Vessels We Love on Etsy Under $150

And because we know these one-off vintage vessels are sure to sell out fast, we wanted to share some of the most common keywords we use when searching for vintage vessels on Etsy (they also work on other sites like eBay, Chairish, 1st Dibs, etc. too). These can also be mixed and matched or all strung together to tighten or broaden your search:

antique vase
rare vintage vessel 
very old clay pot
ancient clay pot
wabi-sabi vessel
terracotta jug
old earthenware
Japandi vessel
old stone vessel vase
ancient clay pot pottery vessel
ceramic pitcher
vintage planter
old clay wine jug
antique terracotta olive jar 
antique French pottery
Tall Antique Terracotta Vase with Handle

And before you head out into the wild and start clipping, read our tips on how to style decorative branches.

25 Vintage Vessels We Love on Etsy Under $150
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