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What is Beauty?

How do you define beauty?  This question was recently asked when I was shot by Jonathan Bookallil for Aussie beauty blog, Beauticate.  It’s a tricky question isn’t it?  Well beauty certainly comes from within, but let’s be honest…how we carry and present ourselves outwardly to the world certainly effects how we feel, how we hold ourselves and how we are perceived.  My personal style is definitely defined by extremes; I feel most beautiful when I am slightly undone and bohemian, yet a bit sophisticated. Tailored, edgy, feminine and sexy all at once – that’s a lot of things! I feel that most of us are defined by contradictions, it’s what makes us interesting.

I love fashion and makeup and the way it makes me feel, engaging in a fantastical side of playing dress up. Truth be told, I feel completely pulled together in a stunning fashion frock and a red lip (always NARS Dragon Girl or Red Square). Yet, I also need to foster the super natural and beachy side of myself. Style & beauty is about giving yourself license to express all of your various facets, you have to love yourself even in the morning with stinky breath and puffy eyes (not always easy, ha!). My husband still makes me feel like the most beautiful woman alive even after fifteen years of marriage this week, September 11th, marks that milestone!

I learned to love beauty at a young age as I watched my mother, who was and still is the most stunning woman I know. A vision of grace and elegance, she was always put together, even for a quick trip to the grocery. It was her attention to detail and appreciation of beauty that I embraced growing up and now consider the backbone of my personal style.

In developing my own personal style & approach to beauty over the years, I’ve amassed a number of tips and tricks… among these the most important is SLEEP.  I absolutely need 8 hours to feel well rested and bright, both in my appearance and in the energy I exude. I’m rather grumpy and miserable without it, actually.  As far as beauty goes, I am a slave to Keratin treatments from Hayden in the humid-fizzy-hair weather months. I also love my eyelash extensions from Ebanezer, a go-to spot.  I get the cateye 10’s & 11’s with 13’s on the ends….shhh! Oh, and I swoon for super fem fragrances like Leilani Bishop’s Pikaki (jasmine) Single Note Floral Oil!

Another big part of feeling beautiful is maintaining a healthy and well balance lifestyle. I am not at all rigid in what I eat, but I do always eat non-processed local and seasonal produce.  I cook and eat a Mediterranean diet – lots of fish, lemon and olive oil with a ton of bright herbs!  I love my sweets and red meat too, but all in moderation.

My beauty advice….embrace the contradictory sides of yourself.  And eat well, SWOON often. See the complete story by Jessica Burdon on Beauticate! 

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