Where Fashion Insiders Eat During NYFW

By Natalie Goel

If you’re headed to New York Fashion Week, nailing down what shows to attend is only half the logistical battle — the other half is figuring out where to go to grab a meal or beverage between shows. A girl’s gotta eat! So to find out all the in-the-know spots, we we went straight to the source and asked some of our favorite stylists, retail CEOs, fashion insiders and more to spill the beans. From a quick coffee hit to a quiet, cozy retreat to a restaurant perfect for people-watching, read on to find out where the style pros go to fuel up.

Nell Diamond | Where Insiders Eat During NYFW | EyeSwoon

NAME: Nell Diamond

PROFESSION: Founder & CEO of Hill House Home, a lifestyle brand for the bed and the home. We make luxury bedding and accessories in Europe, and we sell them online-only for a fraction of the price of traditional brands.

Cafe Clover. My best friend from college, Kyle, is a partner there, so I’m there about twice a week! The interior is beyond chic and I’m obsessed with their Seed Crackers. I’m a sucker for a bread basket, so at least with these crackers I don’t feel quite so guilty before the meal has even started!

Waverly Inn & Garden. It’s a block from where I live, and in the winter months you literally have to tear me away from their Chicken Pot Pie. It’s a full dream. Also — best people watching!

Image courtesy of Nell Diamond

Patrick Janelle | Where Insiders Eat During NYFW | EyeSwoon

NAME: Patrick Janelle

PROFESSION: Entrepreneur and @aguynamedpatrick on Instagram. Director and co-founder of Spring Street Social Society, & founder of The Liquor Cabinet, an app that offers an authoritative take on cocktails.

Houseman. Event though it’s steps always from Clarkson Square, (the epicenter of the current fashion week scene,) Houseman still feels like a secret gem. The menu of seasonal American comfort food is spot on, so I don’t have to sacrifice good taste in food just because I’m bouncing between fashion shows.

Joe Coffee. I wouldn’t normally recommend a coffee shop inside a car showroom—this Joe location, steps away from fashion week ground zero, is inside a sleek new Cadillac lifestyle center, which occasionally even hosts its own fashion shows. But Joe, a decade-strong NYC coffee company, still makes some of the best cortados and cappuccinos in the city.

Image courtesy of Patrick Janelle

Kate Foley | Where Insiders Eat During NYFW | EyeSwoon

NAME: Kate Foley

PROFESSION: As a creative consultant I work with fashion brands and retailers on creative projects. Depending on the client my roles range from creative direction, styling, merchandising and planning to communications or all of the above. 

I love to escape from the crowd and go somewhere quiet and cozy in between shows during NYFW. My favorite restaurant at the moment is Café Altro Paradiso and I imagine I’ll spend a lot of time there during this NYFW as it’s not far from all the madness! It’s elegantly designed, simple yet very comfortable and the food is AMAZING! 

For a quick bite/coffee/cake if I have a few minutes to spare, I go to Rose Bakery at Dover Street Market. I love the food, it’s healthy but totally feel-good, and also I can sneak around the store to make a few purchases while I’m there!

Image courtesy of Kate Foley

Mia Moretti | Where Insiders Eat During NYFW | EyeSwoon

NAME: Mia Moretti

PROFESSION: DJ and Activist

For a little taste of Italy that will make you feel just like you stumbled off a seven-hour flight and landed in a Milanese apertivo bar, head to Pietro Nolita. I love to slink into the plush pink velvet booths where co-owner Mina Soliman’s NYC finesse pairs perfectly with Pietro Quaglia’s VERY Italian roots.

Image courtesy of Mia Moretti


Logan Horne photo by Angela Pham/BFA.com | Where Insiders Eat During NYFW | EyeSwoon

NAME: J. Logan Horne

PROFESSION: Special Projects & Partnerships at Assouline Publishing

Pressed Juicery. Originating in Los Angeles, they have recently popped up in NYC and are taking it by storm. I juggle my time between working at Assouline heading up special projects and partnerships while taking classes at Columbia, so I am constantly looking for an alternative to the mundane Starbucks caffeine fix to keep me running. Pressed’s NYC locations are pretty much wherever I need them to be.

When I have a little more time and need a sugar fix, their Green Freeze is the absolute best. It is a vegan, all-natural frozen yogurt alternative that is all pleasure and zero guilt.

Image by Angela Pham/BFA.com

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