Wrought-Iron Candle Holders Bring a Hint of the Old World Home

Words by Sacha Strebe.

Wrought-Iron Candle Holders Bring a Hint of the Old World Home

Juxtaposition: two things being seen or placed close together with contrasting effects.

There’s no denying the power of contradiction in design. In fact, we’d go as far as to say that creating friction, tension, and polarity in a room is critical to its success. Merging opposing styles, eras, and materials in a room is what creates a space with dynamism, depth, and soul. You can see a myriad of examples in Athena’s homes. A modern plaster pedestal sits next to a vintage rattan stool with an antique wrought iron candle holder atop her new Live Beautiful tome. This stylish mix of old and new, a chic clash of modern with 19th-century design adds patina and warmth but it also evokes your curiosity to visually appease the eye. 

Wrought-Iron Candle Holders Bring a Hint of the Old World Home
Wrought-Iron Candle Holders Bring a Hint of the Old World Home

One way to bring a hint of the old-world home is via timeworn materials from yesteryear, tapping into our deep yearning for nostalgia.

Each piece offers untold stories from their rich past—if only 19-century antiques could talk! If you’re looking to add some stylish sentiment into your space, then wrought-iron candle holders with their handcrafted design and curvy stems are our pick. This feels especially fitting with fall around the corner, too. Who doesn’t want to dine by candlelight? If you’re channeling romantic dinner party vibes at home this season too, then keep scrolling for our top affordable, along with a few splurge-worthy, picks. 

Shop Our Favorite Wrought Iron Candle Holders:


This 1900s piece is in beautiful condition with just the perfect amount of aged patina.

Urban Forge Ivy Wrought Iron Single Candle Holder

Handcrafted from your favorite iron finish, this organic candle holder features random squiggles and curls to elevate any tabletop or shelf.

Ivy Wrought Iron Triple Candle Holder

This will be the centerpiece of any coffee table or dinner party.


This reproduction iron candle evokes the simpler times of yesteryear.


A stylish throwback to Colonial days, this wrought-iron candle holder will look equally stunning in an early American home or modern farmhouse.


If you can't source the right vintage piece, then this reproduction candle holder will bring that antique aesthetic home.

Black wrought iron 3 candle holder candelabrum

This decorative candle holder will make a stylish statement in any space.

Forged standing type candlestick

This curvy candle holder is made completely by hand using a combination of traditional and modern blacksmithing tools and techniques.

Unique Vintage wrought iron hacienda candle holder set

These are sure to bring the warm and cozy vibes home this fall.


Turn down the lights and burn a candle that can be carried through your home for a touch of old-world ambiance.

Hand forged candle stand holder

Opt for a wavy style to bring a sculptural quality to your arrangement.

Twisted Iron Candle Holder

A wonderfully wicked and twisted cast iron candle holder.

Wrought Iron Candlesticks - a Pair

A stylish pair for any mantel.

Peter O` Shaughnessy Piedmont Craftsmen Wrought Iron Candleholders- aPair

This set of iron candleholders from noted craftsman Peter O` Shaughnessy are as elegant as they are striking.

Vintage Wrought Iron Candleholders, Pair

A handsome addition to any room.

1990s Tall Wrought Iron Candle Sticks – a Pair

This four-foot-tall pair of iron candlesticks have a worn finish to bring that much-desired texture and patina home.

Vintage Wrought Iron Candlesticks - Set of 3

This trio of hand-wrought iron candlesticks will add a decorative touch to your curation.

Magnolia Ashford Taper Holder

Ceate visual interest with these iron candlesticks on a mantel or shelf, or place a matching pair on your dining table.


Polished to a shiny finish, this handmade iron candle holder casts an interesting texture with its warm glow.

Shop Our Favorite Splurge-Worthy Pieces:

Vintage Rustic Forged Iron Tall Candelabra

Forged in Belgium in the 1950s, you can only imagine how much this vintage candelabra has seen and heard.

Wrought-Iron Candle Holder

At 28 inches high, these wide-armed candle holders from 19-century France are elegant beauties.

18th-19th Century Hand Forged Iron Candleholder

Nothing adds depth and soul quite like vintage and this primitive piece has so many stories to tell (if only she could talk!).

Swedish, Candelabra, Painted Wrought Iron, Sweden, 1940s

This stylish four-armed candelabra harks back to the 1940s with its simple, clean lines.

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