Greek Lamb kebab mainI tend to get a bit obsessive over things and I’ll confess that I also crave immediacy.  Once I get an idea in my head it’s kinda trapped in there until I execute.  This was in fact the case on my last visit to Miami when I had the absolute pleasure of dining at Mandolin in the Design District.  Anastasia & Ahmed, the lovely owners, invited me & my family for a Greek & Turkish feast as their guests….a billion thanks!!  More to come in May when I do a snoop post on the delicious and charming Mandolin.

One of the dishes we feasted on was their beef & lamb kefte….and there it was locked in my consciousness. LAMB KEBABS…TZATZIKI ON EVERYTHING. NEXT EYE-SWOON POST!

After returning home from Miami I headed out to Amagansett for the first time since December.  The opening spring weekend and the unveiling of the grill after an annoyingly long winter had me chirping like the birdies.  As I have mentioned before and perhaps a given by now, cooking makes me happy, plain and simple…..and Mediterranean food makes me even happier….and grilling makes me the happiest!!  Needless to say I was swooning this spring afternoon…in my home, outdoors, laughing with family & friends, sitting at a picnic table on the lawn as the kiddies run about, doing what I love most.  Also, can we all agree that tzatziki makes just about everything taste better?

I have a distinct suspicion that Greek might continue make an appearance in my summer repertoire.  Its fresh, its light, herby, packed with flavor, tons of veggies, and all around swoon~worthy!  Summer is on the horizon swooners….

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