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9 Thanksgiving Recipes to Create Delicious Memories

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Tara Sgroi
Tara Sgroi
9 Thanksgiving Recipes to Create Delicious Memories

There’s nothing quite like the challenge of curating a Thanksgiving menu. Of course, you want a spread that satisfies the tastebuds of traditionalists but it should also infuse modern flavor profiles to keep things interesting year over year. Be it a modern twist on an old favorite or a fresh take on seasonal flavors that still nods to the past, the best thanksgiving recipes are a combination of both. And don’t forget to add the most important ingredient of all—love!

So, keep reading for eight of our favorite Thanksgiving recipes from Athena Calderone’s Cook Beautiful to help you create a tantalizing feast this month, and with it, delicious memories. Happy Thanksgiving!  

9 Thanksgiving Recipes to Create Delicious Memories



Shapes, composition, texture, color, contrast, and flavors. I think of all of these things when I am developing a recipe and styling a dish through the lens. I am never not infusing my love of culinary with my eye for design—can’t help it.

Bitter endive and pink radicchio with pear, dates, blue cheese, and candied walnuts. Dressed in a citrus vinaigrette with Dijon and a touch of honey. Finished with fresh orange juice and zest. Super vibrant with just the right balance of bitter, this is one of those Thanksgiving recipes that will counterbalance all the rich flavors we indulge in over the holidays.



Peek inside my oven around 6 pm on any winter evening and you’ll likely find a big tray of vegetables roasting away. This particular combination is a favorite in my family, bringing together savory caramelized root vegetables with the swoony sweetness of apples and shallots. There’s no tricky technique involved here; just make sure to use enough oil and give the ingredients a little room to breathe in the pan. Overcrowded veg will never brown properly.

9 Thanksgiving Recipes to Create Delicious Memories
9 Thanksgiving Recipes to Create Delicious Memories



I love me a farro salad! The hearty grain is an amazing base for all sorts of veggie combinations and it’s super convenient to work with since you can cook it several days ahead. And we all need make-ahead Thanksgiving recipes like that. I tend to follow a loose formula: farro plus roasted veggies, a bright herb, a crunchy nut or seed, some creamy cheese, and a zingy dressing. Here, sweet potatoes and red onions caramelize gorgeously in the oven, while the earthy goat cheese and zippy vinaigrette balance out the sweetness. Feel free to play—roasted beets or winter squash would be lovely, as would hazelnuts, almonds, or feta.



A limp sprout is a big bummer, as far as I’m concerned. But it’s easy to avoid that sorry fate if you know this secret: It’s all about dry, room-temperature sprouts and a big, hot pan. If the temperature of the pan is too low, the sprouts too cold or damp, or the skillet too crowded, the little suckers will never get really crispy. This recipe lays it all out for you. Follow it precisely, and you’ll end up with a stellar winter side dish—crunchy, smoky, sweet, tangy, and delicious.

9 Thanksgiving Recipes to Create Delicious Memories
9 Thanksgiving Recipes to Create Delicious Memories



There is truthfully nothing not to love about the autumn season. The weather is perfectly warm and crisp at once inviting us inside to roast fall’s greatest veg—squash! I roast my delicata and acorn squash to sweet caramelization and double down on that sweetness with sugary dates. Savory shallots, spicy Serrano, briny olives, and bright citrus balance out this heavenly season-appropriate dish. This is one of my favorite Thanksgiving recipes.



Even after I found my confidence in the kitchen, the idea of roasting a whole chicken continued to intimidate me for years. Finally, one night, bored with my usual family dinner rotation, I decided to try it—and I couldn’t believe how easy it was! With almost no prep time, you get a delicious, no-fail, one-pan dinner that’s quick enough for Wednesday and impressive enough for Saturday night. This version gets its Middle Eastern flavor profile from one of my new favorite spices: sumac. The ground berry’s rusty hue might lead you to think it has a peppery taste, but in fact it boasts a tangy, lemon-like flavor that’s incredibly versatile. The labne—an ultra-thick, creamy yogurt—is another delicious Mediterranean touch. If you can’t find it, Greek yogurt is a fine substitute.

9 Thanksgiving Recipes to Create Delicious Memories
9 Thanksgiving Recipes to Create Delicious Memories



So pumpkin pie happens to be one of my absolute favorite desserts at this time of year, but truth be told, I had never made one that knocked my swoony socks off until this iteration! I really needed a smooth and creamy filling that was not too dense, and bursting with flavor and spice. I promise you THIS is the only pumpkin filling you will ever need. The bourbon and maple swirling together with just the right level of spices elevate the silky filling to swoon status! 



As someone who bakes and entertains often I always need an impressive dessert I can make in a pinch. Well, a crostata is it for me. Deceivingly simple and hyper-versatile taking you from season to season. I promise once you master the dough (the trick is to not overwork it) this will become your go-to also! Lemme show you my fave autumn preparation with pear, cinnamon, ginger, and lemon!

9 Thanksgiving Recipes to Create Delicious Memories



A Thanksgiving essential! This seasonal dessert hits the spot. 

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