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Athena’s Christmas Decor Deconstructed

A White Christmas



You know how certain families have their Christmas decor on lock year after year?  Yup, that has never been me.  For some odd reason, swooner and all, I have never been able to resolve to a tried and true holiday decor tradition.  Don’t get me wrong…. it’s not because I haven’t tried, more so that nothing ever felt good enough to be THE ONE.  That is until I decided to go tonal in a winter white color scheme coupled with the subtle, translucent flair found in the trio-sized irridecent glass ornaments.  



But moving onto the tree, the lights specifically…. they always, ALWAYS, prove to be a drama to get right!  Who’s with me here? WELL, I have the hack for you.  And one I didn’t even realize was a hack until I posted a time lapse of decorating my tree on IG and I received a whole slew of DM’s asking me about my net lights.  So here they are!  The net lights go on in a single sheet, no fussing and  no filling “holes” — offering  both ease and consistancy for a swoon-worthy tree.

Even our stockings fit the White Christmas theme.  Faux fur and customized with our names!
My advice for a cohesive Christmas tree would simply be to stick to a consistant color scheme. Whether that be gold and silver, pink and copper, or irridescent and white as I choose.  Even blues and greens would be stunning!
Always remaining holistic in my decor choices,  I even found a cuddly faux fur blanket (my son’s request) and a minimal white Christmas tree skirt.
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Athena’s Christmas Decor Deconstructed
  1. Faux Fur Alpaca Stockings:  Our stockings’ are sumptuously soft and personalized with our names. 

  2. Iridescent Clear Ornaments:  Rainbows swirl and reflect the light on these iridescent blown glass ornaments. 

  3. Faux Fur Tree Skirt: beautiful and inherently cozy

  4. Treasure & Bond Curly Faux Fur Throw:  Luxe and curly faux fur makes for a gorgeous, effortless throw

  5. Led Net Light Set: Makes decorating your tree that much easier!

  6. Arno Declercq Goblet Vase: Belgium designer, Arno Declercq makes sculptural objects with great passion for history, craft, design and atmosphere.

  7. Apparatus Portal Coffee Table: Portal tables connect the proportions of ancient structures to daily experience, linking ceremonial and domestic ritual. The commanding forms are expressed in thick Italian marble. Notched reveals establish points of entry, emphasizing the tension between mass and negative space, human and monumental.



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