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5 Swoon-Worthy Things with Tali Roth

Anyone who’s anyone in the design world is familiar with Tali Roth. An Aussie expat with a quirky eye, her swoon-worthy projects are filled with vibrant colors, rare vintage furniture, and personality-packed artwork.

Tali, who actually started her career in fashion before pivoting to interiors, has quickly made a name for herself since moving to New York City in late 2013. Not only has her work caught the attention of companies like Away, Bluestone Lane, Rebecca Taylor, and Twelve NYC, her projects have been featured in Architectural Digest, The New York Times, New York Magazine’s The Cut, Domino, Elle Decor, and more. She’s also launched a few products of her own, most notably a gorgeous line of rugs designed in collaboration with Aronson’s Rugs.

Above all else, Tali is incredibly light-hearted, down-to-earth, and beyond deserving of all her success. We are honored to have her on 5 Swoon-Worthy Things today! Scroll through to get the inside scoop on Tali’s design approach, and shop the five chic items she’s currently coveting.

5 Swoon-Worthy Things with Tali Roth

NAME: Tali Roth.

PROFESSION: Interior Designer and founder of Tali Roth Designs.

HOME BASE: Chelsea, Manhattan.

DESIGN PHILOSOPHY: Don’t take yourself too seriously—design is a privilege and it should be joyous.

YOUR DECOR STYLE IN THREE WORDS: Warm, textured and quirky.

5 Swoon-Worthy Things with Tali Roth
5 Swoon-Worthy Things with Tali Roth

YOU’RE INSPIRED BY: 1960’s architecture—the flow, the drama, and the materials. I also love vintage furniture and unbranded pieces that you can bring into your home with a new perspective and a new story. Basically, anything old.

DESIGN TREND YOU LOVE: Chrome accents.

DESIGN TREND YOU’RE OVER: Blonde timber furniture.

COLOR OR NEUTRAL? So hard! I think I need color in my life, although my base is always a warm neutral.

5 Swoon-Worthy Things with Tali Roth
5 Swoon-Worthy Things with Tali Roth

FAVORITE DESIGN PROJECT YOU’VE COMPLETED: A couple of projects haven’t come to light just yet, but I think my favorite little project is still this Minetta Street Bachelorette Pad!

ENDLESSLY OBSESSED WITH: Milan 1960s vibes. The Flintstones and Bedrock and any Italian casa that is built into the mountainside—just to name a few.

YOU WILL NEVER SEE fake flowers or plants IN MY HOME.

I SAVE ON storage pieces AND SPLURGE ON art and lighting.

Shop Tali's Five Things

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1. 1st Dibs 1970s Italian Table Lamp. “Everything about this piece is golden. We don’t have a project that needs it, so someone please grab it! The curve is on-point, the chrome is on-point, and the price is on point! It’s the whole package.”

2. 1st Dibs Vintage Italian Chandelier. “I am a huge lover of Murano glass and lighting. I have this vision to include a colored Murano light fixture in my next project if I can find a client who is up for it! I think it’s timeless, elegant, and super fun. I would like to see it juxtaposed against harder, more organic materials that are a bit more masculine.”

3. Tali Roth Designs 1969 Rug. “I hate to shamelessly plug my own line of rugs, but I am going to do it anyway as they are supremely luxe, unique, and well-priced for the quality. This particular one is a favorite of mine—it’s so striking, but paired with similar colors or neutrals, it feels totally organic. It’s inspired by large crazy pavers and Palladino-style terrazzo, but the rust also has an animal print feel! It’s whatever you want it to be!”

4. Modern Times White Stoneware Vessel by Ella Bendrups. “I love Ella’s pieces—that tessellated texture is super gorgeous. I have always loved sculpture, and there is definitely a lot out there, but this has its own beautiful and unique twist and would make for a calming accent in any space. Of course I love anything Aussie!”

5. Maryam Nassir Zadeh Sphere Glass Ring. “I’ve been eyeing this glass ring for a while, but unfortunately I was not blessed with dainty piano fingers, so I’m not confident it will look as graceful on me. I think an odd piece of glass or resin jewelry would be the perfect complement to my collection of chunky gold everything. Plus, I’m really loving that deep red as an accent color of 2020.”

Slideshow image credits: Genevieve Garrupo Tali Roth Designs, Claire Esparros for Tali Roth Designs.

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