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The Secret to a Well-Balanced Vignette

It’s not a secret that I enjoy styling and restyling, arranging and rearranging my home. There is nothing I love more than applying a new lens to an old formula and exploring a space with a fresh perspective. But sometimes inspiration just doesn’t come and oftentimes I too get trapped in a formulaic styling rut—and I know I’m not alone in that sentiment.

The Secret to a Well-Balanced Vignette
The Secret to a Well-Balanced Vignette

Case in point, the entryway vignette at the bottom of the stairs in my Brooklyn townhouse. It has always remained the same or a similar version of itself for years. No doubt pretty, but often in order to breathe new life into a space we need to wipe the slate clean! So, I thought I’d share my process for how I recently reimagined it.

  • My starting point is always something alive—here I chose to use seasonal peonies in a bulbous vessel. I placed this piece off to one side as its proportion is low and squattier.
  • For the central point of this vignette, I needed something with height and chose a linear element to offer verticality and ground the overall composition. Since styling in proponents of three is generally more appealing, memorable, and satisfying to the eye, I chose to nestle a third sculpture into this grouping. This forces the eye to move around, offering a compelling visual experience. Sure, each piece could work on its own individually but how they interact is far more engaging to the viewer and way more fun for the stylist to conceive!
  • Finally, I recently received this beautiful, textural artwork from @aliyah.sadaf and have been seeking the perfect place for it. When I stepped back to take in the overall vignette, I felt a void on the wall. Hanging artwork on a wood panel wall may seem atypical but I love breaking the rules—always and forever! A hammer and nail later, the diminutive art felt right at home and truly expanded the entire composition.

As you know I love to distill and dissect the creative process so watch the video below to see it in action, then shop the look.

Shop Our Vignette Décor Favorites:

Green might seem brave but this deeper forest hue blends seamlessly with neutrals and adds that pop you're craving without overwhelming the space.

antique chinese stool

Nothing beats the natural patina of an antique stool. It injects instant warmth and soul.

Sculptural beauties on their own but they also double as a vase—bonus!

Add a floor lamp to shine a light on your vignette.

Collect unique objects and shapes to add visual interest and a playful touch to your side table.

CB2 FLower Marble Tray

Marble will always have our hearts for its unique natural beauty that cannot be replicated.

Marble side tables are already a decorative object on their own—anything else is icing on the cake!

Jayson Home Osaka Bowl

This simple bowl reminds us of the age old rule: the magic is in the details. The striking contrast of color, textural finish, and sculptural shape provide an elegant simplicity to any space.

The curved lines of this velvet beauty offer an eye-catching perspective.

The statement hue was the perfect complement to my sculptural stairway.

Chubster Deep Rustic Wooden Dough Bowl

This hand carved, rustic wooden dough bowl adds a textural touch to your arrangement.

Jayson Home Lore Sculpture

Crafted from aluminum with a blackened zinc finish, this sculpture is the visual interest your vignette needs.

Crate & Barrel Animalia Face Vases

Fill these playful ceramic vases with greenery, clippings, or dried branches to infuse a hint of whimsy to your decorative styling.

Most of the walls in my Brooklyn townhouse are the warm Wevet hue by Farrow & Ball.

Style these beautiful decorative beads spilling out of an antique dough bowl or marble tray.

Reclaimed teak root and black resin come together in this striking bowl that's ready for display.

Jayson Home Stark Hand Sculpture

This hand carving serves double duty as a decorative object or a small catch-all. It's the perfect addition to any coffee or side table vignette.

Anthropologie Statuette Side Table

Side table or decorative object? How about both? This hardwood beauty is the perfect complement to a club chair in the corner.

Montana Labelle Viola Marble Catchall

Made from the finest Viola Calacatta marble, this catchall is a just as practical as she is pretty.

Anthropologie Abstract Twist Decorative Object

Add a modern twist to your coffee table setup with this organic shape.

Comfortable, chic, and at an affordable price, too.

Vintage Red Marble Ashtray

If you have a sweet spot like for anything 50s or 60s Italian, then you'll love this raw, red marble ashtray, too.

I. Salvatore Jasper Sculpture Abstract Mid Century Modern

Always mix vintage with new for that irresistible high low fusion.

Global Views Mouren Sculpture

Inspired by the beautiful work of Arps and other modernist sculptors, this decorative piece will attract the eye and engage the senses.

Modern Contemporary Faux Stone Gray Head Sculpture

This late 20th century carving is the perfect addition to any modern, minimalist setting.

CB2 Allis Small Black Taper Candle Holder

Add verticality to your arrangement with varying heights that engage the eye.

CB2 Warm White Taper Candle, Set of 2

Nothing adds warmth and emotion to a room more than a candle burning.

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