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Rugs That Put the Spotlight on Your Floors

Words by Sacha Strebe. Curation by Madeline Spates.

Just as you would any other area of your home, choosing the best area rugs takes a holistic approach. Of course, every element of a room should be carefully considered but rugs need extra attention. Their grounding force has the power to unite your décor with the architecture, bringing that visual cohesion you crave, so choose wisely. Here are a few things to look out for when choosing the best area rugs.

Rugs That Put the Spotlight on Your Floors

Consider Moroccan Wool Rugs

These handwoven beauties are very forgiving, particularly with an active family and a dog (it’s why Athena collaborated with Beni Rugs on her Broken Symmetry collection). At their essence, Moroccan rugs are imperfect and prewashed so they already have a worn-in feel that just gets better over time. Any new scuffs, blemishes, or scrapes will be mostly unnoticeable and just add to that aged look, which we love.

Always Measure It Out

Grab some tape and measure out the exact size of the rug on your floor. You want to do this before you start searching and then again when you’ve found your dream rug. This will give you an immediate visual of how the rug will fit the space and the furniture on top. If you’re in the market for a Moroccan rug, mapping out the dimensions of the rug once you’ve sourced the one you love is critical because they can often be oddly shaped.

Request a Yarn Sample

If it’s a new rug, ask the vendor for a color sample of the yarn. They should be able to send one so you can see the color with the other fabrics in the room, against the wall color, and with the changing light. Make note of the changes to the color throughout the day and take photos so you can see how it impacts the room.

Rugs That Put the Spotlight on Your Floors

Above all, trust your instincts, follow your unfiltered internal vision, and forgo convention to strike that balance between sentiment and style.

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