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Found: Stylish Dorm Room Décor

Words by Sacha Strebe.

Sarah Elliott
Sarah Elliott

As summer sadly comes to a close, it’s almost time to squeeze our “adult” children one last time before they venture off into the sunset for college. *insert crying emoji*. But there are still a few things to do before they go. First up, finding stylish dorm room décor that has both utility and style, but also taps into their “grown-up” aesthetic with a young at heart twist. When designing Jivan’s dorm room, Athena tapped into his modern, minimal approach to decorating with a simple black and neutral palette.

With limited space, opt for furniture that does double duty and invest in stylish storage. Also, consider adding sentimental pieces that inject comforts of home to create a dorm space that is both practical and fun. And yes, it is possible to source stylish affordable options from places like IKEA, The Container Store (they offer local delivery in select markets), Bed Bath & Beyond (sign up with your .edu email to receive 20% off and they will also hold your entire order at the local store near your college), and Amazon (they offer a ton of discounts across dorm room essentials, groceries, food delivery, and so much more with Prime Student).

Ahead, we share the dorm room décor we’re buying for Jivan’s space in a bid to inspire your own.

Parachute Percale Pillow Case Set

With long days spent learning and studying, you'll want a cozy bed setup to fall asleep on. Parachute has a great range of colors in the finest quality linen, all at affordable prices. This color is also a practical hue.

With limited space, every piece should serve a utilitarian function. A storage cart is always a great idea to organize school supplies, toiletries, spices, and anything else you want to keep off the ground.

Parachute Percale Fitted Sheet

These are some of the most comfortable but more importantly, durable fitted sheets you can get. Crafted in Portugal from 100% premium Egyptian cotton, these sheets are lightweight and only get better with time.

A mini-fridge is an essential but practical element to every dorm room. This one also looks chic.

Sleek and stylish with a whole lotta function—Marie Kondo knows best!

Keep it cozy with this duvet cover that feels as good as it looks.

This is the definition of practical and pretty. It looks good when it's not working hard to store your dirty laundry. The leather handles provide much-needed stability with a drawstring while the plastic coating keeps all the mess on the inside.

A top sheet will add that much-needed layer of comfort.

This fridge goes beyond its fundamental purpose to keep food cold—it's stylish too.

Don't forget pants and skirt hangers to give breathing room in the closet and more importantly, keep things off the floor.

Invest in quality towels and they will last for your entire college experience.

Consider stylish storage to keep clutter to a minimum and hide away the small stuff that can easily pile up on nightstands or the floor.

Fluffy down duvet inserts are a must when you want to bring that comfort from home into your dorm.

Baskets are a great way to keep things organized while also looking stylish.

Make sure your dorm mattress feels cozy and homely with a luxury mattress pad.

These slim hangers will allow you to fit more in with less space.

Under-bed storage is vital in a tiny dorm room. This one also keeps it chic.

Yes, storage, storage, and more storage is key to styling a dorm room that feels fresh and clutter free.

If you need extra storage space but you don't have a bed base to do it, then invest in these wood bed lifts to free some up.

Give your nightstand a stylish boost with this table lamp that will also come in handy for late-night textbook reading.

Dorm rooms aren't always well lit so invest in some lighting for those pre-exam cram sessions.

Make sure you inject a sense of fun into your dorm room too. Music is a priority for both intense study sessions and unwinding after a big day.

Petite Dustpan and Brush Set

Keeping it clean is key so make sure you have cleaning products on standby. This set also looks great, too!

This wooden hanger will help to keep clothing off the floor.

An essential organizational tool for every dorm bathroom.

Keep your desk organized too with this stylish blotter that has a slot for all your study essentials.

Steamery Cirrus 2 Steamer, Matte Black

Make it easy to look polished without the effort. No ironing required.

Double-duty flatware for at home and on the go.

Make your dorm room feel like home with this sticky reusable putty for hanging photos, charts, and notices.

And since we're all about practicality when away from home, make sure your dorm has a first aid kit, too.

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