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Room Swoon: Shop My Amagansett Kitchen Shelves

Words by Sacha Strebe.

Nicole Franzen
Nicole Franzen

As the embers spark in the creative phase of every new design venture, questions naturally arise about your design direction, motives, and purpose for the space, but there is always one query that should reign supreme: How do you want the space to feel? From the big decisions like what white paint color to choose down to the minute details such as which kitchen shelves décor to add or the type of drawer pulls to use, every single element stems from the answer to this emotional examination.

Why? Because a house won’t feel like a home if it doesn’t speak to your soul. It should simultaneously calm your weary mind yet electrify your imagination. There is so much beauty in that duality of fusing form with function—a space that appeals to every mood with its practical elements that are also pretty enough to make your eyes dance and your heart go pitter-patter.

Centering this sentimental technique at the forefront of your design approach is the key to crafting a meaningful home, just ask Athena Calderone. In fact, conjuring up spaces that center storytelling and meaning at the heart is her signature. Even when it comes to choosing the kitchen shelves décor, beauty is always the driving force.

With that in mind, we decided it was time to do a Room Swoon of the kitchen shelves in Athena’s Amagansett home where she infused her “practical and pretty” design ethos (just like her Brooklyn marble floating shelves). So, keep scrolling to shop the look and recreate your own stylish shelves at home.

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