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Room Swoon: An Architect’s Curated Living Room in Copenhagen

Words by Sacha Strebe.

If like us, you’re driven by an insanely curious nature, then you also jump at the chance to peek inside other people’s homes, explore their creative process, and interpret their visual language into your own spaces. Unlocking the kernel of inspiration that gave rise to a design idea or interior vision has always been what fascinates us more than the finished look. It’s this preoccupation for the behind-the-scenes that gave birth to our Room Swoon series. So join us as we tap into our inner voyeur for a captivating glimpse into spaces we love and the design spark that inspired it—then shop the look to bring it home.

“Neutral, on neutral, on texture, on texture, can in fact be rich and layered” Athena Calderone so poignantly stated in her best-selling design tome, Live Beautiful and we couldn’t agree more. Case in point, Danielle Siggerud’s 17th-century townhouse in Copenhagen. This stylish study in minimalism proves edited, neutral, stripped-back spaces can also exude warmth and soul. The architect and founder of Danielle Siggerud Architects is a master of materials exercising contrast and injecting personality in an otherwise streamlined and curated space. This thoughtful attention to detail is why Calderone chose to feature her home in the book, writing; “Danielle’s approach to design and architecture is complementary. She uses materiality to guide you through her home: designating the historical, the new, that which she wants to focus you on, and that which she wants to draw you away from.”

“As an architect, you have a major responsibility—design-wise and material-wise, it should stand the test of time.”

We are especially drawn to the original 17th-century beams in the modern living room which lend a statuesque, rustic framework to the home but also act as a skeleton to support the contemporary elements Danielle has orchestrated around it. This curated approach is clear in this room with a thoughtful arrangement of vintage collectibles, timeless designer pieces, and elegant oddities. If you love this look too, then keep reading to shop the room and bring it home.

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