Prediction: These 4 Colors Will Dominate Design in 2020

As we reflect on our favorite spaces of 2019, they all have one thing in common: color. From the golden yellow silk carpeting in Giancarlo Valle’s latest apartment project, to Dorothée Meilichzon’s continued affinity for bold statement walls, we’re seeing splashes of mustard-tinged ochre, warm terra cotta, earthy green, deep navy, and eye-catching red in nearly every noteworthy space.

After years of cool Scandinavian minimalism, we’re finding this trend incredibly refreshing, to say the least. Not only does color add dimension and visual interest to a space, it also invites a bit more experimentation than the stark-white rooms of 2017. Vibrant textiles, colorful marble, and curved furniture upholstered in textural fabrics like bouclé, velvet, and shearling naturally complement these color-saturated spaces.

Best of all, this palette play shows no signs of stopping—expect even more statement walls, eye-catching carpeting, and bold furniture into 2020 and beyond. Swoon over a few of our favorite saturated spaces below, and heed our advice to nail the look in your home.

earthy ochre

If you’re looking to dip your toe into the world of color, look no further than earth-toned ochre. A more subdued take on yellow, this palatable hue is favored among the designer set and has made its way into furniture, artwork, textiles, paint, and the like. Like so many of the design and fashion trends currently experiencing a renaissance, this distinctly retro color has roots in the 1970s and looks most familiar when coating a velvet loveseat. Ochre pairs well with browns, oranges, and blacks, making it a perfect punchy addition to any neutral color palette.

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warm terra cotta

Both a color and an earthenware material, terra cotta made its ceremonious return to the design world in late 2018. Dating back to 3000 B.C., this desert-inspired color is quite literally one of the most storied and historic hues known to man. Once limited to ceramics and pottery, terra cotta is now a mainstay at home and fashion retailers alike—you can shop clothing, vases, planters, tableware, lighting, bedding, furniture, and more in this versatile material and hue. As evidenced in the photos above, this pinkish hue pairs well with sage green, warm reds, and plenty of cacti.

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shades of green

Another retro, 1970s-inspired hue, greens ranging from deep olive to zesty lime have made their inevitable comeback. But, as evidenced by the photos above, seventies green has been successfully reimagined for the 21st century. Green-flecked marble and curved olive furniture feel distinctly more 2020 than bright green kitchen cabinetry and bathroom tiling (not to say we’re ruling those looks out, either). To give bold green a try in your home, pair it with plenty of white and cream, plus hints of gold, tan, grey, and black. We’d also encourage you to open your mind to unique green marble in your kitchen or bathroom.

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