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Shop My Coffee Station (and Discover the Secret Behind the Design)

Photography by Sarah Elliott

I take my morning coffee ritual very seriously. There is a ceremony-like cadence and cherished monotony about my routine. I wake at 6:30 am. I light palo santo, building on my ritualistic tendencies, as it sets an intention for the day ahead and awakens my spirit. I pour myself a glass of water with half a lime and walk over to the coffee station where I grind my beans daily. There is something about both the noise of the burr machine grinding and the aroma of those fresh beans that immediately awakens my body and mind.

Now let’s move onto the brew. I have filtered water at the ready in clear glass bottles and my favorite brass Japanese scooper—10 cups of water, five scoops of Lokah Dark Roast, which I store in a wood topped mason jar. Let the brewing begin! Next up is to get out the half and half—an absolutely critical component to my coffee ritual. If we are out of half and half, I simply will not even consider a cup of brew. She is, simply put, the most important component of it all—hahahaha!

Now let’s talk design, and let’s also get real honest. I know you all think I have it together at all times with the perfectly curated images I put forth on Instagram, but truth be told, I am a bit of a disheveled, unorganized mess. I never have a place for things—papers, and bills, and linen napkins. My kitchen accessories drawers are always bursting at the seams and things are continually getting stuffed into the abyss of junk drawers.

Knowing this about myself, I purposely designed a coffee station that had a place for everything—and I mean everything. I am just not methodical with the placement of things so I did my best to design a kitchen pantry and coffee station that did have a section to house everything. That said, knowing I would never follow my own rules, I also designed the coffee pantry to have retractable doors to close shop on that mess at any given moment!

ANYWAY, I am doing my best to keep things tidy, but having a back up plan is always essential. Take away? Know thyself! I hope you enjoy a little insight into the things I love in the AM—you all asked, so here are my morning coffee essentials!

A Bold Brewer

Moccamaster 10-Cup Matte Black Manual Drip Stop Glass Brewer

This is the holy grail of drip coffee makers. The beauty of the Moccamaster is that it keeps the coffee at perfect sipping temperature for up to an hour after you hit brew! That means I can come back again and again (as I do!) all morning long for a fresh refill.

Freshly Ground Beans

Baratza Virtuoso – Conical Burr Coffee Grinder

This professional-level coffee grinder is an absolute must for any coffee connoisseur, as it leaves the beans ground at optimal size and texture for a perfect brew. Also, the aroma is divine

Rich and Deep Beans

Lokah Sumatra Ketiara Organic Coffee Beans

At the end of the day, good coffee starts and ends with the beans. This Sumatra Ketiara Organic blend from Lokah is their darkest roast and my absolute favorite for its subtle and delicious notes of dark chocolate and blackberry.

Expertly Organized

Hand-Turned Mason Jar and Lid

These hand-turned Mason Jars look stellar in my coffee nook and they are airtight to keep my beans fresh for the next brew.

Brass Accents

Stainless Steel Spoons/Scoops in Gold Finish, Set of 3

This brass coffee scoop set is as practical as it is beautiful. I love having a small shiny object contrasting against the dark natural hues of the coffee beans.

Single Cup Simplicity

Nespresso Expert

For just a single serving of espresso or a cappucino, I revv up my Nespresso Expert. Not only does it look beautiful in my coffee nook, it consistently delivers a strong cup of coffee—perfect for an afternoon pick-me-up.

Decadent Frother

Nespresso Milk Frother

Frothing my milk for a cappuccino is like giving myself a little hug with each sip. This Nespresso frother is the perfect way to treat yourself. And my son is obsessed with his hot cocoa too!

Stoneware Mug

CB2 Cast Reactive Glaze White Mugs, Set of 4

We all know that my love for handmade stoneware runs deep. This clay mug from CB2 shows off the potter’s beautiful workmanship and is also large enough for a healthy serving of joe!

Seltzer On Tap

SodaStream Source Soda Maker

Our family loves bubbles with their H20! I also love having a SodaStream because I don’t have to buy wasteful plastic bottles.

Old World Charm

Bormioli Rocco Officina Water Bottle

For a kitchen where all of the gadgets and appliances can feel brand new, I love to include moments of old world charm, such as this Bormioli Rocco Officina Water Bottle. Truth be told, my faucet is on the other side of the kitchen so bottles of filtered water at arms lenth are essential.

Hints of Rose Gold

Amefa Brushed Metallic Finish Stainless Steel Flatware (20-Piece Set)

In my book, a little sparkle never hurts! Employ this rose gold flatware as a coffee ritual accessory to enrich the journey from start to finish. It’s mostly the teaspoons that get used in this little nook for my cuppa.

Cast Iron Beauty

Staub Cast Iron Round Tea Kettle

Nothing is chicer in a kitchen than hints of cast iron — or more practical! This one from the always trusty, Staub, is an absolute workhorse in my kitchen and a favorite piece for the times I divert and brew a cup of tea

Coffee Eye Candy

Chemex 8-Cup Pour-Over Glass Coffee Maker with Wood Collar

Sometimes I switch up my brewing routine and use this Chemex Pour-Over Coffee Maker. Its sleek design and wooden collar make this a coffee accouterment an item you actually want to leave out on your kitchen counter.

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