The Only Spring Décor Trends to Bring Home This Season

Words by Sacha Strebe.

There’s no denying the pandemics’ profound impact on our affinity for nature. It’s always been there, but confinement deepened our gratitude for its wild and imperfect allure. As the seasons shift and spring’s buds push through the soil after a frigid winter, once again we find ourselves falling deeper into her spell. This yearning for material authenticity has influenced a conceptual turning point in design with many of us looking to ground our spaces with terrestrial hues, rough-hewn textures, and viridescent veneers. This gravitational pull towards organic materials is amplified this season as we seek to calm the chaos of our lives within our homes. To discover more of the spring décor trends of 2022 that are on the rise we spoke with several interior designers and tastemakers to share their predictions for what lies ahead, along with their top picks to shop the trend.

Earthy Influence

“Earthy textures and natural, organic materials, and curved shapes with singular pops of accent color is my prediction for spring. Nature will also play a big role in bringing life and the outdoors into our sacred spaces. The one thing we can control is our home environment, and making it as calm and as serene as possible allows us to unwind from the chaos.”

Steve Cordony, Interior Designer

Natural Materiality

“As the season changes and we move outside I think we’ll start to see wicker and rattan used more frequently. No longer resigned to just outdoor furniture, these iconic materials have earned a rightful place in our homes. Used for centuries, I admire the craftsmanship, especially from Atelier Vime based in France who are the experts at this artisanal style of weaving.”

Phoebe Nicol, Interior Architect

Organic Motifs

“Motifs and designs inspired by nature. I particularly lean towards florals and anything that feels organic, like a napkin ring that mimics a leaf or a curvy organic shape reminiscent of how a plant grows, reaching for the sun. As winter turns to spring, we all crave nature more than anything. We want to surround ourselves with items that bring that sense of light and airy nature inside.”

— Lauren Sands, Founder, Les Collection

Dramatic Dining

“I think we’re going to see tableware with a lot of drama and impact. As we pass the two-year mark of when covid began, people are ready to start to entertaining again in a big way and want something extra and unexpected. This is the time for people to consider a tableware refresh as they invite people back into their homes again.”

— Eve Singer, Founder, Broyt

The Only Spring Décor Trends to Bring Home This Season

Crafty Geometry

“We predict patchwork and geometric patterns to reign supreme this spring. We’ve already seen it making waves in fashion—think back to A$AP Rocky with his quilted cape at the Met Gala—but it’s definitely finding its place in interiors too. Getting back to old crafts has been huge over the past couple of years with people spending a lot more time at home. The geometric trend has also come off the back of this, developing on from the checker pattern which is having such a big moment right now. These geometric patterns have made their way into so many different mediums too—not just fabric. There’s also a strong up-cycling element to patchwork, which means there are some very sustainable ways to sport this trend.”

— Jessica d’Abadie and Christina Symes, co-founders, We Are Triibe

Pattern Fission

“I think we’ll continue to see a move toward pattern-heavy interiors, at least for those who are bold of heart! For me, it feels like the continuation of the recent re-emergence of classical decorating. Pattern mixing, done in the English manner, has become widespread in recent years. It feels lived-in, collected. Moiré, damask, tapestry, embroideries—all things that are seen more and more… but for me, I hope we begin to see them in polished, tailored interiors, not just in country houses.”

Casey Kenyon, Interior Designer

The Only Spring Décor Trends to Bring Home This Season

Grounding Texture

“This spring, I expect to see more earth-tone velvets. Whether it’s conscious or subconscious, I think we all search for ways to bring comfort into our everyday lives. Incorporating soft fabrics and colors found in nature is an easy way to bring a sense of calm to our surroundings.”

Austin Whittle, West Coast Director of Sales at Roman and Williams Guild

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