5 Décor Trends That Make Summer Eternal

Words by Kerry Pieri.

Summer Home Décor Trends of 2022

Is there anything more alluring than indoor-outdoor living? Imagine opening up giant pocket glass doors to a well-appointed garden one breezy warm day without ever feeling like you need to shut them again. East Coasters may rarely get to experience that kind of magic, of blurring the line between nature and the interior, but the looks emerging in décor for summer just might do the trick. While we can’t promise an arid Palm Springs climate or an endless summer, you can bring the inside out in unexpected and intriguing ways. The vibe going into the summer months is equal parts natural and manicured—think: inviting elements of a well-designed landscape into your home. Read below for five summer home décor trends of 2022 that are influencing our spaces currently, but also have absolute staying power. In other words, these are nothing like a Hamptons’ July, over before it even began.

Going Green

While we’d never argue that sustainability should be at the forefront of your buying decisions, the green we’re referring to here is actually quite literal. The rich shade is proving to be a recurring theme in our Instagram saved folders, and we’re not the only ones.

Even designers well-known for their dedication to all things white or neutral are open to a hit of the color of money (trees) or moss here and there, as proven by an image designer, Austin Whittle posted of an Axel Vervoordt space featuring emerald linen. “To me, nature is the fundamental inspiration of good design, so it makes sense that lush greens are layering onto mood boards with the summer months approaching,” Whittle tells EyeSwoon. “Green is one of my favorite colors to incorporate into a space and is a color I’ve used in almost every room of my own home because to me it represents hope. Green is the color we crave all through the grayscale of winter, so bringing tones of it inside can evoke the excitement and life of summer.”

Nicole Franzen
Nicole Franzen

“To me, nature is the fundamental inspiration of good design.”

Austin Whittle, Designer

“Marble is a natural material, so even the colorful options can still feel neutral for someone nervous about incorporating color into their home.”

— Lauren Sands, founder, LES Collection

Les Collection
Les Collection

Marble Gone Colorful

A backyard viewed from above under a hazy summer sun can become a sort of Cubist dream—green lawn, blue pool, gray slate patio, pops of pastel flowers. The rise in colorful marble embraces that sensibility. It’s a layering of elevated shades—smart, grown-up colors that work off of each other and add interest while maintaining sophistication. Lauren Sands, founder of LES Collection recently put out a collection of colorful marble trays and thinks the look feels right on time. “I think color, in general, has its moment in the spring and summer,” she notes. “There is a feeling of newness and excitement, wanting to be outside, to experience nature. Marble is a natural material, so even the colorful options can still feel neutral for someone nervous about incorporating color into their home.”

Natural stone colors never feel brash and work well with more standard marble shades, as seen in the photo Sands creative-directed on a travertine tabletop. “I loved how the raw bronze pieces from our tabletop collection with Janie Kruse Garnett accented the different marble (if you look closely, there are even some tiny pavé diamonds), so those were a no-brainer. Lastly, I incorporated a rock crystal and a brass vintage dish that looks aged and organic.”

Fashion influencers Pernille Teisbaek and Camille Charriere both incorporated layered colorful marble into their homes, Teisbaek on a statement floor and Charriere on a custom dining table (designed in collaboration with Marble Partners). Both evoke a well-loved theme in Phoebe Philo-era Céline stores and mirror that era of the fashion design house’s aesthetic—minimalism with a dose of the unexpected. What is summer if not a perfect time to make things a little more interesting? This is one of those summer home décor trends of 2022 you’ll want to bring home.

“Bringing nature into our interiors provides a certain familiarity and relatability in our homes; feelings that warm our surroundings and our souls.”

Sandra Weingort, Designer

On the Rocks

If there is anything we’ve learned in the last two years it’s that control is an illusion and we’re existing in a topsy turvy world. But is there anything more stabilizing than solid rock? Stones and boulders do an outdoor landscape well and can work a similar magic indoors. Designer, Sandra Weingort integrated a stone base table into a recent project and the look is somehow both soft and strong.The use of natural materials like the granite rock along with wood and handwoven fabric made from a natural linen was fully intentional, and was meant to integrate the colors and materials from the exterior into the interior,” she tells Eyeswoon.

And while the look hits just the right balance in the space, the overall idea hits on something deeper. “I strongly believe human beings find comfort in nature, and bringing nature into our interiors provides a certain familiarity and relatability in our homes; feelings that warm our surroundings and our souls,” Weingort continues. While she styled this table in a beach home, the designer sees the appeal of rocks in many contexts. “[They’re] versatile,” she says, “I can really see them being used beautifully both in a summer beach house as much as in a ski house… one can relate them to beaches, lakes, and rivers as much as mountains.” So, go ahead and get your rocks off.

Courtesy Brigette Romanek.
Courtesy Brigette Romanek.

“Chrome is a classic, and somehow futuristic at the same time.”

Brigette Romanek, Designer

Chrome Extension

Both the fashion and design worlds have been enamored with gold and brass for so long that perhaps we almost forgot about the enduring allure of silver and chrome. Anthony Vaccarello at Saint Laurent recently showed layered, stacked silver bangle bracelets that felt like a revelation, and silver and chrome stools, lamps, and tables are showing up in rooms that stop us in our proverbial tracks. “Chrome is a material that lights up spaces,” designer Brigette Romanek tells Eyeswoon. “I know there are metal trends right now—brass, blacked brass, copper, etc. but chrome is classic and somehow futuristic at the same time.” Romanek recently posted a deceptively simple image—white, curves, a hit of silver from chrome accessories. “I find the image really inspiring,” she says, “…the chrome is that little pop of bling that is timeless and also plays beautifully and harmoniously within the curve of the sofa.” Silver is a cool tone, ideal for sultry days when the eye (and body) needs to chill a bit. And in the spirit of summer, silver inarguably looks great with a tan (faux, of course!).

“I think the black iron forms add a special strength and certainty to a place, like it has been there for some time.”

Tamsin Johnson, Designer

Courtesy Tamsin Johnson
Courtesy Tamsin Johnson

Get It Twisted

Is there anything more inviting than the curved lines of a wrought iron chaise next to a stone pool? Its timelessness belies the heartbreaking transience of summer. So why not bring the idea inside where it can exist eternally? I think the black iron forms add a special strength and certainty to a place, like it has been there for some time. Yet they still feel weightless enough not to be overwhelmingly intrusive or dominant,” designer Tamsin Johnson, who regularly utilizes the material in her spaces, tells EyeSwoon. “Perhaps they reference an outdoors-like freshness in an interior leaving a place feeling breezy enough rather than walled-in and cozy. The visual strength of the ‘black line’ effect is a device that seems to transcend all visual arts from its use in fashion (think Chanel) to the simple reductive charcoal or ink line in drawing and lithography.”

To wit, legendary designer Jean Royere is equally as well known for his Polar Bear sofa as he is for his playful, twining black metal lamps and sconces. The black metal tubing the self-taught designer utilized was considered a modern material in the last mid-century, and it still feels wildly current on everything from stair railings to chairs.

So there you have it, the five biggest summer home décor trends of 2022. Which one will you be bringing home?

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