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Branching Out

Essentially every two weeks I make my way to the NYC flower market on 28th Street to buy a large bunch of cut branches. For me, the drama and verticality is essential to fill the space. The branches are usually a different variety each time since I always ask what is freshest — I am always after longevity. I’ve done burning bush, mountain laurel, ilex, olive branches, even magnolia during the holidays. Sky’s the limit and it is virtually foolproof, no need for symmetry or perfection here!

Branches 101

Where to Buy

  • Local Flower Market — NYC’s is on 28th street & 6th ave
  • Local Farmers Market
  • Foraging in your own backyard!
Tips & Tricks

  • Trim your branches and smash the cut edges with a hammer. This allows water to absorb into your branches and prolongs their lifespan.
  • Spin your vessel or walk around it as you arrange the branches so you can really get a 360 approach.
  • Remember that these branches are a piece of nature that you are brining into your home and thus are imperfect. Embrace asymmetry and do not cut them all to be the same height.
  • Branches can look equally as beautiful once the leaves have dried out.
  • These branches are thirsty! Make sure to water them every day.
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