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Capri, Italy

The last time I explored Capri was almost 19 years ago for my one-year wedding anniversary. In a sense, not much has changed—still glamorous AF and as beautiful as ever with her rugged coastline, rock formations, grottos, and deep yet electric blue waters. I was fortunate to be invited to a fabulous few days with Zimmermann, whose founders I consider dear friends and creative collaborators, to celebrate their newest boutique, opening on the island. Much of my itinerary was planned but I will gladly share a few favorite spots on the island that are not to be missed!

I was fortunate to be invited to a fabulous few days with Zimmermann, whose founders I consider dear friends and creative collaborators, to celebrate their newest boutique, opening on the island.

Capri, Italy


Head to the family-owned Aurora for the thinnest, crispiest pizza and hands-down the best tagliata and caprese ever! Snapshots of celebrities adorn the walls—Aurora is a celebrated spot—but the food speaks for itself. The eatery is cozy, and it does get busy during peak hours, so plan on a lively, leisurely dining experience.

Zimmermann Boutique

Sìì to Zimmermann’s first Italian boutique! The brand’s epic weekend bash celebrating their store opening is what brought me to Capri in the first place. The shop’s peachy-pink facade provides the perfect chic invitation to the exquisite floral, lacey, ruffled, unabashedly feminine Zimmermann gems within.

Tiberio Palace

Filled with generous pops of lively color and pattern, plus statement-making displays like a jellyfish installation and floating busts, it is safe to say Tiberio Palace is a hotel with decor chutzpah! Aside from the uber-glam ambiance, the luxe locale also offers attentive service and excellent amenities, and you cannot beat its central location.

Il Riccio, Anacapri

Situated right on the water, the views and sunset are unparalleled at Il Riccio, the beach club and Michelin-starred restaurant of the Capri Palace Hotel and Spa, located in Anacapri. Also incomparable is the INSANE dessert room called the “temptation room”. Yes, an entire room full of freshly-made treats from cakes to pastries to tarts. A sweet tooth’s heaven.

Da Paolino

Come to Da Paolino and dine alfresco under a lush canopy of lemon trees. Some creative, memorable moments from my meal? Pomodoro in a Parmesan wheel, with loads of basil—nuff said! Oh, and raw lemon slices, not for garnish, but to actually eat. YUM!

Buonocore Gelateria

Follow your nose—the scent of Buonocore’s freshly-made cones will waft over to you before you even step foot inside. Come for the cones, gelato, and pastries. There is often a line out the door, but not to worry, it moves relatively quickly.

Fontelina Beach Club

Fontelina Beach Club is family-run and impossible to get into, but as far as Italian beach clubs go, it is as classic as they come. Here you will find iconic blue and white umbrellas, rugged rock formations overlooking the sea, and likely the best seaside lunch you will ever encounter. This spot, the most exceptional vista on the island, is a just a jaunt down from town. If you really want to go and people tell you “impossible,” as they told us, walk over anyway, grease the palm, look cute, and make it happen—ha!

Conca Del Sogno Beach Club

Arrive at this lavish little cove by boat and plan to stay for a few hours, soaking in the stunning, craggy coastline. Head up the steps and enjoy the local flavors at the restaurant, then make your way back down and relax on the beach—pretty much any chair will offer an unfettered view of the water. It is a special and popular place. You’ll want a reservation.

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