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Chic & Simple Easter Eggs!

Natural & Crafty Easter DIY | EyeSwoon

I believe in simple ideas, thoughtfully executed. This certainly holds true for the food I create where the core value is high quality ingredients in low quantity. You don’t need much to create something truly delicious or beautiful. And it also rings true for the tablescapes I swoon over creating. I actually have a formula: keep your ideas to a minimum. With both food and décor I seem to stick to the same five essentials re-interpreted, recreated and reimagined for each new event and meal: Let the season inspire you. Pick a palette inspired by your surroundings. Aim to create a true ‘wow’ – a really unexpected or unique moment. Stay simple in your execution. And always create layers and textures. Those guiding principles apply to everything I approach. Inside and out. Over and over.

With this philosophy in mind, I set out to concept Easter ideas for the site. I knew I wanted something pastel and soft for the palette to represent spring’s subtle hues. After perusing Bon Appétit I stumbled upon a few natural dye recipes – all made from beets, purple cabbage, blueberries or turmeric. Just the thing to deliver the dreamy, subdued palette of pinks, purples and baby yellow I had envisioned. Next I happened to have a chance encounter with a sharpie and a note pad (I tend to use a pen to think) and found myself doodling soft and swirly lines with my assistant Jordana that soon bloomed into a full-on swoon fest. And boom, that was it! I decided to create my Easter egg décor using natural dyes and a fine-tip sharpie. A reminder that you have to just soak up those moments that are unplanned because they develop into the funnest (one of my sons’ favorite words which he’s convinced should be in the dictionary) of fun days. When creation unfolds organically and one idea leads you to the next, you’re on a truly euphoric and extraordinary journey. Those are the moments that reveal to you what you do, and why you do it.

So with just a few homespun ingredients and minimal supplies you can create something that is not only a crafty DIY experiment but also eco-conscious and inexpensive. These nature inspired tones are oh-so simple to master. Just add a splash of white vinegar and some patience as you wait for your color to develop. Once dried you can create a truly endless range of show-stopping patterns. Simply embellish your hardboiled eggs with geometric shapes, zigzags, dots, circles, stripes, hearts, dashes, even faces or the name of someone you swoon! This Easter let your creativity flow and take inspiration from your egg creations to inspire your tabletop. You can even use your decorated eggs as part of the décor. Remember it’s all about being unexpected, creating layers, controlling your palette, following simple steps and being inspired by the season. I guess if I’m anything, it’s consistent! Take a snoop at least year’s Easter eggs I created with P.S. I Made This!

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