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Design Room Swoon:

Room Swoon: My Tiny Parlor Floor Bathroom

Sarah Elliott
Sarah Elliott
Nicole Franzen
Nicole Franzen

I am often asked, “what’s behind the door” in my Brooklyn kitchen.

Ta-da! It’s the teeniest powder room on the parlor floor of my Brooklyn townhouse replete with a custom soapstone sink that is floating and über shallow. But my favorite design detail is the monochromatic rope trim that lines the perimeter of the room. Can you see it?

For me, it’s the small details that really take a room from stylish to sublime—this is what makes me swoon. When you give the eye an opportunity to explore, linger, and ruminate as it dances around the room, it sparks curiosity and ultimately, joy. It enchants the viewer, makes them feel welcome in the space, and delights the senses. That’s how we should all feel at home. See every part of your space as a chance to move you, from the lonely corner to the surface of your living room side table, or your tiny parlor bathroom.

Shop My Parlor Bathroom Essentials:

I love a bronze faucet moment in the bathroom. This set is simple and modern.

Who said practical can't be pretty never met me! The waffle effect of these towels adds instant texture to the space.

This black sink really adds that wow factor especially in a small bathroom when you don't have limited space to play with.

There's always room to add style and personality to a space, even when it's tiny. Hang these from the wall or spilling out of a stylish bowl.

Tiny bathrooms can be dark so lighting is key. This wall lamp will add a softer mood instead of a harsh overhead version.

Add a round mirror for that sculptural quality and to break up clean, square edges.

Towel rings can be decorative too, case in point this walnut beauty.

I always love to have a candle in the bathroom to keep a warm and cozy mood, especially when I have guests. This one also doubles as a decorative object.

Since this is a bathroom that guests will use more often, I like to invest in a special hand soap. Aēsop is one of my favorites from the scent to the bottle design.

If marble isn't your material of choice, this matte black version is a great option, too.

If you have the room on your vanity, it's a great idea to add a small vase so you can bring in some greenery to brighten the small space.

Elevate an everyday task like washing your hands with a marble sink.

Adding a simple artwork to the wall is a nice touch. The black frame of this piece ties into the black details of the wall lamp, mirror, and sink.

As you know, I love a textured plaster wall. Portola paints have some beautiful options to bring that warm and cozy element to a small space.

If you love the rope corners and want to try it out in your own space, this is an affordable DIY.

This polished wooden black marble provides a stunning charcoal gray base with black and white veins.

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