I’ve always been so intrigued by the hidden process of design. I love to uncover what’s not always visible, the inner process, because it’s what lies beneath the surface that truly has the power to influence our choices in design and in life. I can pinpoint the exact moment at seven years old when I realized that contrast between what we show the world versus how the world sees us. I recognized then that how I felt internally was at complete odds with how I was perceived by others—the friction between the true us and the assumed us. I have been fixated with that friction ever since.

A perfectly composed image doesn’t interest me. I want to revel in the tension and conflict because that is what makes us, a room, an outfit, more interesting and complex. Now, I’m always looking for that juxtaposition in a space and I’ve noticed this also carries over into how I style myself. In fact, I will often see similarities in the clothes I’m attracted to mimicked in vignettes or moments around my home. Whether it’s using an unexpected pop of color, engaging texture across a neutral palette, or inviting tension with a slick surface against rustic elements in a space or an outfit, it’s clear that my philosophy remains consistent across both fashion and design.

This is not dissimilar to the Mytheresa.com curatorial approach. In the same way I source finite vintage for the patina it offers my modern home, they handpick unique pieces that aren’t available elsewhere to create the finest, most exclusive edit in luxury fashion. I have trust in curating my wardrobe through Mytheresa.com because my edit is aligned with theirs. I know I can count on them to deliver one-of-a-kind pieces that speak to my love of contrast. Because in celebrating contrast there is balance.

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