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Thanksgiving Table Tips

While you’re painstakingly prepping that juicy turkey and all those scrumptious sides, don’t forget to give the table they all sit upon some love. After all, Thanksgiving dinner is one of the most memorable meals of the year — why not make it as pretty as possible? To help jump-start the process, we gathered up some of our favorite Thanksgiving tablescapes from the EyeSwoon archives. Give thanks in style — here’s a little something swoony for everyone.

Keep it simple. Do not be fooled into believing that elaborate = beautiful. I always find that less is more!

Stick to a controlled palette. Get inspired by the food and the season.

Take elements from the menu and use them as decor. Pumpkins (not orange!) or Kobucha squash, pears, pomegranates, or persimmons, simply placed on the table can make an elegant impact, and cinnamon sticks are both fragrant and beautiful.

Consider serving your holiday meal buffet style. Serving your meal a lil’ more casual can still be beautiful and elevated. Set up an abundant station with cutlery, plates, and anything else your guests will need to serve themselves. And then mingle about as they nosh. Lets face it, we all love to gather around the kitchen island as opposed to being confined to a formal dinner!

Mixed materials — yes! Copper, brass, and silver can in fact play nice. For added juxtaposition, incorporate varied glassware, ceramics, vintage pieces and plenty of texture and patina.

Mixed ceramics are okay — even preferred. Who wants a prim and perfect table anyway? “Perfectly imperfect” is a motto I live and design by.

Always think of a clever and crafty surprise for your guests. A quote of gratitude is my go-to standby to spark conversation. You know the annoying issue of not knowing which wine glass is yours during a day-long drinking fest? This year I added tags with words of thanks as an answer to this problem — just add your name and tie it to your glass!

Hit up the florist for a bunch of inexpensive greens. A bunch of eucalyptus is $12 and goes a long way when simply draped on the tablecloth. It offers a leafy element and varied color scheme.

Foraging from a nearby tree is always encouraged. Little branches with pods offer organic texture and a naturally sculptural shape.

Please-oh-please invest in cloth or linen napkins. They alone they can elevate any table.

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