Season One episode 1:

Athena Calderone

February 6, 2020

MORE THAN ONE THING has become my mantra. So many creative disciplines operate in tandem in my world, choosing one would be impossible. I take pride in the fact that I have found a way to blur the line, my overlapping passions became my work, but it wasn’t an easy path, still isn’t. For many years I allowed my creative schizophrenia to hold me back, I believed in order to find success you needed to excel in a singular vocation. Well, I was wrong. And the advice I was given was wrong. It was only when I embraced these multifaceted sides of myself, that I found forward momentum that was authentic to me – that is when my career began to take shape. In this first episode I thought I would set the tone for More Than One Thing by having my best friend Tali Magal interview me!

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