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Season Two episode 12:

Carla Oates

February 17, 2021

When it comes to thinking holistically, no one does it better than Carla Oates. On this episode, the skincare expert, business woman, philanthropist, microbiology superstar, master fermenter, and–– of course–– the founder of The Beauty Chef joins the podcast to talk about her many hyphens. Convincing the world that the bacteria in your microbiome affects the look of your skin takes, well, guts. But, according to Carla, passion, confidence, and a groundbreaking product that works are all the ingredients you need to make people see things differently. Tune in to hear her share about how refusing to be boxed into a singular way of thinking and following her love for science, beauty, and nutrition led Carla to create a line of products that would launch an entire industry. She discusses balancing business-sense and unbridled creativity, chasing (all!) your passions, setting achievable goals, and being unafraid to dream big. Really big.

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