Season Two episode 9:

Jason Wu

January 27, 2021

Jason Wu is one of the most recognizable names in American Fashion. Yet, somehow the acclaimed designer also finds time to create an innovative bath and kitchen line, design a doll collection for Integrity Toys, and dabble in florals, decor, beauty, food, and activism. Sound like a lot? Well it is! In this episode, Jason shares how throwing out the road map led him to exactly where he needed to be–– from dressing Michelle Obama, to nurturing his namesake brand into a global success, and sustaining a long term partnership with Brizo Faucets. As fashion continued its endless search for the hot new thing, Jason has proven his ability to reinvent himself–– trying new skills and trades–– while still remaining true to his vision for the world. This episode of More Than One Thing is about trusting your instincts, focusing on what’s real, and being unafraid to make a detour. You never know where it will take you.

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