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Season One episode 2:

Jenna Lyons

February 6, 2020

Jenna Lyons needs no introduction really but she is a designer, style icon, and former president and creative director of the J.Crew Group! A quintessential multi-hyphenate, Jenna’s creative influence has no bounds— she’s had her hands in fashion, art, interior design, media, and more. Her rule-breaking style single-handedly changed the landscape of fashion and design. On this episode Jenna reveals the difficulties of starting over — how the radio silence that ensued after her departure from J. Crew effected both her ego and identity. She also discussed how terrifying it is to not have the structure, ground work, and guardrails that her corporate job offered. It was beautiful to hear her raw honesty in admitting that she is in the incubation stage of everything currently and how intense that fear can be.

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