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Season Two episode 2:

Naomi Watts

December 6, 2020

There really isn’t anyone like Naomi Watts. From starring in Oscar nominated films, to launching Onda, her clean beauty company, Naomi is one of those rare people who can wear many hats while remaining totally herself. But, like all of us, she has faced insecurity and doubt. While we know how her story ends, (King Kong, the Ring, Birdman, Mulholland Drive) in this episode of More Than One Thing, Naomi sits down to share where it all began. We talk about losing her father early, finding fame late, and discovering the confidence to say, “hey, I’m enough”. The road to success was lined with one no after another, but Naomi moved through rejection with the kind of grit and ambition that makes her an unequivocal powerhouse. Tune in to hear Naomi chat about identity, loss, and how she learned to trust in herself. As Naomi says, “nothing is a failure, it’s all growth.”

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