Season Two episode 11:

Reed Krakoff

February 10, 2021

This week’s guest is American fashion legend, Reed Krakoff. Throughout his career, Reed has been guided by one simple rule: do what you love. And it turns out there’s a lot Reed loves to do; from transforming Coach to an international powerhouse, to crafting critically-acclaimed interiors, and ushering in the era of the Creative Director. Most recently, from 2017 to January 2021, he served as Chief Artistic Officer at Tiffany, the first person ever to have held this position. Tune in to hear Reed discuss how following his many interests provided him with a set of skills he could apply to his life and his work. Unafraid to try anything, Reed found a way to unite all he learned in the singular vision of a true creative. In this episode, he pulls back the curtain to talk about dropping out of music school, chasing his passions, and how failure taught him everything he needed to know. Reed’s advice? Put yourself out there. Anything can be a lesson if you let it.

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