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Cozy + Quarantined

Cozy + Quarantined
As we collectively grapple to come to terms with our new normal, at home, I have personally found myself not only in the same cosy sweatpants but also exploring new ways to self-soothe.  Rituals have included long baths, journal writing, reading beloved poetry, and burning palo santo.  I also find it incredibly important to help support and sustain the local businesses in my community within the health and beauty space — places I count on throughout the year.  I hope you can try and carve out some sacred space for yourself and find some refuge within your home during this unprecedented time.  Stay healthy, stay cosy, stay home!
Cozy + Quarantined
Cozy + Quarantined
Bundle Up

Elevate your sheet game! These Brooklinen luxe sateen sheets are the ultimate bedding upgrade. 

A Boost of Beauty

This concentrate is designed to give you a daily shot of nutritional support that helps to protect your skin and body from free-radical damage and cellular ageing

Soothe Your Skin

Soothes, smoothes, and smells superb! (So many more goodies like this on ONDA)

Brush Before you Bathe

Five minutes of brushing a day can help to renew the outer skin and promote blood flow to the skin’s deeper layers, resulting in detoxification, rejuvenation, and a healthy glow. (This is one of my favorites from Botanica Bazaar)

Magnificent Minerals

A detoxifying treatment that also nourishes and revitalizes your skin.

Create Rituals

Spiritually purify and cleanse your space by burning some palo santo 

Cloud Nine

Who doesn’t love a light and fluffy down comforter? It’s the perfect piece to make you feel like you’re sleeping in the clouds. 

Stay Comfy

Keep it comfy with this self-declaring pullover sweatshirt. Home is where the hoodies are!

Loungeware Lovin'

Perfect for your at home Zoom meetings (since no one can see the bottom half of your body, might as well be cozy)

The Basics

This tank is a staple for me and it has a nostalgic 90’s feel!

A Classic Tee

So many of you asked me about the stripe top I was wearing on this week’s episode of EyeSwoon Unplugged – here you go!

Signature Shirt

Here’s another top you guys ask about often – I cut mine to make it a crop top but here is the original tee

Sweater Weather

Throw on a sweater and go for a stroll. You can stay safe and isolated and enjoy nature at the same time.

Shearling Chic

My work-from-home must-haves! These shearling slippers are oh-so-cozy

Living in Linen

This kimono-style robe is a lounging go-to.

Puzzle Play

Shift your focus by concentrating on this puzzle of Keith Haring illustrations.

Stay Inspired

Elena invites us to gather our own wisdom through writing, self-inquiry, and reflection. Practice You is a portable sacred sanctuary to record our flashes of insight, find our ground, create and clarify our goals, and bear witness to our own evolution.

Pure Poetry

“Each poem is imbued with the extraordinary perceptions of a poet who considers the everyday in our lives and the natural world around us and finds a multitude of reasons to wake early.”

Burn Baby Burn

I love all of Cinnamon Project’s products and their brass incense holder is one of my favorites! Rose quartz, is a stone radiant with unconditional love, so share it with someone special (or yourself!)

Palo Santo Perfection

This scent reminds me of ritual, routine, and home.

Runner Stunner

Loving this simple weave style – Armadillo&Co knows how to make the perfect runner people!

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