Design Room Swoon:

Fireplace Styling

Video by Tara Sgroi

Photo by Nicole Franzen

Styling objects and crafting vignettes can bring personality into our homes. How we compose our beloved pieces can form an intimate narrative while also bringing us joy. With so much time in our homes, what an opportunity to tell a story, to reconfigure, to play!
Fireplace Styling


Vignettes bring a story to the home, forming a narrative in their grouping. Here, on the left, a tall vintage parchment planter is placed on its own, offering vertical interest. Object placement on the right provides differentiation not only in height, but also in color, texture, age, form, and tonality. Recognize what can stand alone and what needs friends. The planter is a tall, sculptural object that lives happily alone. But the objects on the right, if they were unmoored from one another, would lose their value, looking oddly diminutive in contrast. Consider scale and negative space.
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