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Meeting the lovely & crazy talented Denise Porcaro, creator of  Lower Manhattan’s Flower Girl, was a chance encounter at a mutual friends Nolita boutique.  I was instantly captivated by this stunning creature with piecing blue eyes, a warm demeanor, & distinct style. Later that very evening I was smitten by the petite & artfully arranged florals that adorned the tabletop at an intimate dinner party. When I learned these whimsical arrangements that evoked a rustic yet elegant edge were none other than Flower Girl I thought… ok, well here’s a sign.

At that very moment I whipped out my phone ”….do you think Denise might want to collaborate on an EyeSwoon spring flower feature?”  And there you have it….that’s how magic happens!  I went from not knowing Denise, to having a full on SWOON feast! Spending the entire day together; first at the flower market, then moving on to her charming & perfectly curated Flower Girl storefront. Watching Denise in her environment; experiencing her palpable passion for florals & learning her brilliant & natural flower arranging tips just might have been one of my favorite days ever!

Flower Girl approaches flowers in a refreshing way….with an edge that adds personality & a juxtaposition that makes her stand out amongst the rest. Her aesthetic & unique style of combining unusual floral varieties, textures, & use of quirky vessels, gained her the respect of many top fashion brands she now calls clients.

Denise & I created two very distinct style floral arrangements, both jaw-droppingly gorgeous! Our concept for this feature was to show both super luxurious flowers you can only purchase at the flower market, to your basic pedals you can always count on finding at any corner deli.  I think we can agree that there is always a need for both the high and the low…what’s essential is making them both SWOON~worthy beautiful!








Pruning Shears                                                 Ball Jar                                  Flowers by Irving Penn                        Flower Girl Apron                         Olive Bucket


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