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Photo by Sarah Elliott

Tis’ the season for giving!  Whether you want to show appreciation to the host for your holiday gatherings, buy something beautiful for friends or family who love to cook, or simply indulge in a little self-gifting, our annual hostess gift guide is here to help!  These stunning pieces are sure to swoon, making gathering in the kitchen feel that much more special this season. 

And once you’ve zeroed in on the goodies, gorgeous gift-wrapping ideas to package your present are right this way.

timeless and ingenious

Sarpaneva Cast Iron Casserole
Whether it’s busy on the stovetop or resting on the kitchen table, this casserole is celebrates a classic aesthetic with a simple, effective design. 

bowl goals

Skagerak Edge Bowl
If you know me, you know I am currently swooning over terracotta. This bowl is both raw and refined – and it is simply a beauty!

cooking with contrast 

Staub Wooden Handle Frying Pan
The unparalleled properties of cast iron balanced with the cooling Beechwood handle make this pan a culinary gift. 

mixing materials

Marble and Wood Mini Bowl Set
I know what I’d fill these with… flaky sea salt! 

Salad Game-Changer

Super Benriner Mandoline
Any veggie becomes salad-worthy when elegantly sliced and diced with a mandoline. This beloved model is the one I, and myriad chefs, recommend.

grind and go

Cast Iron Spice Grinder
Bold, elegant, and efficient. This spice grinder has the perfect balance of durability and practicality to break down and store my favorite spices. 

delicate decadence 

Skinny Rolling Pin
Light and smooth, the skinny rolling pin is my savior when I’m using thin filo dough or tart pastry.  

Cast Iron Crush

Cast Iron Footed Bowl
The Cast Footed Bowl is a collaboration with artist Alyson Fox

a vital flavor instrument 

Williams Sonoma Mortar & Pestle
Bring out the fullest flavors and create beautiful texture with this porcelain mortar and pestle. 

go green

Organic Cotton Grocery Bag
We love these organic-cotton muslin bags because they are reusable and make market runs oh-so-simple! And of course, no more wasteful plastic baggies!


cooking sharp

Material Kitchen Knife
This knife is sleek, stylish and sharp! There is no substitute for a high-quality knife in the kitchen.

stirring, serving and everything in between

Baker’s Dozen Hand-Carved Wood Spoons
With 13 mixed unique styles, these hand-carved beechwood spoons come in handy during every step of my cooking and serving process. 

tea time

Cast Iron Round Tea Kettle
This kettle has been a stable on my stove top for as long as I can remember!


walking on egg shells

Farmhouse Ceramic Egg Crate
Let your eggs sit pretty in your fridge in this ceramic crate

Winning the Board Game

Blackcreek Mercantile Blackline Board
This stunning, sculptural board is crafted to last through the ages. It’s an EyeSwoon obsession.

The Dutch Oven

Staub Oval Cocotte
Once you use this cast iron dutch oven, you’ll never want to use another one again! Staub just gets it right. 

wooden whisk 

Wooden Handle French Whisk
A classic whisk with a twist — this one has a smooth birch wood handle!

elevated chop 

Matte Black Natural Fiber Cutting Board
A graphic pop in and of itself, this cutting board is always on my counter. The non-porous wood fiber provides endless culinary benefits. 

stylish steamer 

Mushi Nabe Donabe Steamer
This is the ultimate one-pot-wonder and absolutely the best in its class.

Mix It Up

KitchenAid Matte Black Mixer

Every good home chef needs a KitchenAid, let yours make a bold statement. A handy appliance like this, in a deep shade of matte black, will be used again and again in any kitchen.


simplistic punctuality  

Metal Measuring Set
This black, sleek measuring set fulfills all of my baking demands. 

stylish strainer

Vermont Berry Colander

A not-so-classic colander. This ceramic tool does the trick, and looks pretty doing it!

All Propped Up

Oak Cookbook Stand
This cookbook stand makes following a Cook Beautiful recipe easy!

enduring craftsmanship 

Craft Pepper Mill
It goes far beyond an element of decor. The CrushGrind grinder will stand all tests of time. 

back to basics 

Cast Tea Heater
Using ancient technology, this gorgeous, geometric cast iron base uses a tea candle to heat up your kettle. It engenders an idyllic sense of nostalgia and simplicity. 

a homage to philanthropy 

Olive Wood Spice Bowl and Spoon
Connected Goods works with artisans around the globe to bring their craft techniques to the modern marketplace, promoting fair wages and ethical working conditions into rural communities. This hand-crafted set is beautifully rustic and culture-rich. 

an ode to consciousness 

Nested Storage Bowls
Reusable and BPA-free! My leftovers would be homeless without these. They’re sleek, practical, and endure all temperatures seamlessly. 

organic shape

Blue Pheasant Marcus Cloche
With a textured glaze and bold shape, you’ll have the perfect instrument to retain warmth and aroma.   

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