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Jeremiah Brent

Photography by Brittany Ambridge and Julie Holder

I have the honor and absolute pleasure of counting interior designer Jeremiah Brent as one of my nearest and dearest friends. With a shared love of design and a playful, soulful, and often sarcastic banter, the two of us are like two peas in a pod when we are together. Jer and his precious family spend summers at my Amagansett home and I reside in their LA abode any time I find myself on the West Coast. Our relationship runs deep. But it’s probably safe to assume anyone who has seen him on his interiors show Home Made Simple, followed along with him on Instagram or even watched him on The Rachel Zoe Project way back when, feels a kinship in their own right.

Jeremiah Brent Design on EyeSwoon | Photography by Julie Holder
Jeremiah Brent Design on EyeSwoon | Photography by Julie Holder

Jeremiah creates breezy, effortless and downright sexy spaces as part of his design firm Jeremiah Brent Design. But while it’s clear he has a gift for modern, collected interiors, it’s the combination of raw skill and heart-on-his-sleeve personality that makes him so magnetic. Whether he’s lending his ear and eye to deserving people on Home Made Simple or simply sharing peeks into his home life, Jeremiah is so undeniably genuine you can’t help but feel an immediate connection.

Jeremiah Brent Design on EyeSwoon | Photography by Brittany Ambridge
Jeremiah Brent Design on EyeSwoon | Photography by Brittany Ambridge

Take a few favorite recent Instagram moments, for example – here he is giggling uncontrollably with his hubby Nate Berkus and here he is sharing some snuggles with their beautiful baby girl Poppy. Whether in real life, on TV or on any other channel, Jeremiah is brave enough to let us in, and without fail, it hits us right in the heart – because we all know real, true emotion when we see it. And yes, admittedly Jer is a crier.

Jeremiah Brent on EyeSwoon
Above all, we’re the first gay family on television in a reality series, and we have taken that honor really seriously.

Now although Jer and Nate are both close friends of mine, I fully recognize I am not the only one who can’t get enough of them! And that brings us to their latest milestone. On April 8th they launch their new show, Nate & Jeremiah By Design, on TLC. In it, this ridiculously talented interior designer duo helps clients who have found themselves in a “money pit” situation navigate the ins and outs of their troubled renovations, ultimately saving the day and the home! And a real treat – Jer and Nate also share a window into their home life with Poppy on the show. It’s pretty special, and I am thrilled to have Jeremiah talk more about it, candidly answer a slew of questions about both his professional and personal life, and share five items he’s currently coveting for the home, right here.

Jeremiah Brent on EyeSwoon
  1. Le Labo Santal 26 Concrete Candle: “I am a sucker for candles. They’re in every room of my home and in every home I design. The candles from Le Labo not only have expertly layered fragrance, but the vessels are objects of art themselves, long after the wax is gone.”
  2. Gabriella Crespi “Magic Cube” Bar Cabinet: “I have been scouring vintage furniture sites for anything and everything Gabriella Crespi. This Magic Cube table is beyond amazing – functional, creative, beautiful, and innovative…I just can’t get enough of it.
  3. Matt Connors First Set Painting (Black), 2011: “Recently I’ve been completely obsessed with Matt Connors, an incredible painter out of New York, (by way of Chicago). His abstract work is minimal but so emotionally charged.”
  4. Michael Verheyden Alabaster Lamp with Black Oak Base: “I love the way that marble and alabaster light up, making this such an amazing statement piece. The richness of the materials paired with the stark contrast of black and white gives this instant sophistication.”
  5. Rose Tarlow Kuba-Clay Raffia Rug: “The simplicity of this woven pattern mixed with the natural raffia gives this rug a balance of earthiness and refinement. I’d use this rug in a room to ground it while still elevating the sophistication.”

Jeremiah Brent


Interior designer.

Home base?

Los Angeles, with offices in both Los Angeles and New York.

Endlessly obsessed with…

Natural accents – rocks, plants, crystals, you name it. Anything that brings it back to nature.

Design philosophy?

Interior design, your home, should be the purest personal reflection of your past, present, and future.

Your aesthetic in three words?

Neutral, textural and sophisticated.

Briefly, how did you come to do what you do?

Building on an inherent love of design, (I used to redesign my own room as a kid all the time), I taught myself how to design furniture, and all of a sudden people started hiring me to design things for them – furniture, rooms, whole houses, the works!

Biggest turning point in your career?

Leaving Rachel Zoe to start my own design firm was not only a huge turning point, but also a giant leap of faith. My design firm has grown in leaps and bounds and I couldn’t be more happy with where I am today.

You’ve said your show, “Home Made Simple”, is about gratitude. What has been a favorite moment?

The most beautiful moments are simply looking at people and saying to them that they are seen, heard and appreciated. Everyone on Home Made Simple leads beautiful lives through example. Not for the money or notoriety, but because they feel they’re making a difference.

What makes a house a home?

The people in it. Short and simple. A true home should reflect the people in it and the lives they lead. Some of the most beautiful, most elegant homes I have ever been in have nothing to do with money or stature. The homes were pure, honest and emotional. A house is empty – a home is full.

Three materials you love working with?

Marble, natural stones and suede, currently. They’re all both visual and tactile.

If you could swap homes with anyone, who would it be?

Axel Vervoordt. No questions asked.

Color or neutral?

Neutral – it’s part of my DNA.

What will we never see in your home?

An empty bookshelf, (thanks to my husband).

You are currently designing your dream home. Being married to a fellow designer, do you chat design breakfast, lunch and dinner?

We spend so much of our lives designing – for ourselves and for others. Design is our passion. We wake up talking about it and sometimes even go to bed talking about it. We have found that design is fundamentally how both Nate and I share our love with the world. We spend so much time creating beautiful homes for other people that we had yet to find a space that felt like OUR forever home. Until now.

Similarities and differences between your and Nate’s style?

I tend to be much more edgy and modern while Nate stays more classic, but we find a ton of common ground in our color palettes and the ways in which we love to incorporate textures and varying materials.

Can you share a little inside scoop on the new home? Any particular design challenge?

Keeping Nate on track is probably the biggest challenge of all. But seriously…like I said, we spend so much time finding and creating homes for other people, and yet Nate and I have never really had the opportunity to create a “forever” home for ourselves – or at least one that we won’t grow out of and we can see ourselves raising our family in. This home represents all of that to us. It’s a mix of challenges and major excitement. We really want to get this one right, and I’m so personally invested in it.

Tell us about your upcoming TLC show with Nate, “Nate & Jeremiah By Design”.

Well, the Cliffs Notes are that it’s a one-hour home renovation show where we help distressed families turn their money pit into their dream. On a larger level, it’s the first time that we’ve really allowed a camera into our own lives. It follows us as we raise Poppy, go about our day to day, have our dumb conversations, etc. Above all, we’re the first gay family on television in a reality series, and we have taken that honor really seriously. I think that in so many ways, this show is about humanity – from our family to a Muslim family dealing with the social and political environment currently to a young couple who is just starting out in their lives and are in way over their heads financially – and the common threads that bind us all together.

Any exciting projects in the works?

My firm, Jeremiah Brent Design, is continuing to develop projects on a level that’s increasingly creative and challenging. We’re pushing ourselves into more hospitality and commercial design as well as expanding into international markets – and we have some amazing projects that I wish I could divulge more about. As a personal brand, I’m really trying to grow and reach a wider net and a younger generation who is really just starting to get into design. It’s all happening at once, which is fun and scary and exhilarating.

Has your interior style changed since Poppy came into your world?

I think above all else, both Nate and I realized that our objects are no longer the most precious things in our home. I’ve always been all about mixing high and low pieces, (in terms of both design and cost), but the fact is that when you have a baby or a toddler, they’re going to drop brass candlesticks on your vintage glass table…and the broken table can’t be the main thing you take away from that. My own personal style also got a little more colorful – I embraced dusty rose in a way that I never thought I would.

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