Mandolin main2Magic happens all the time – if you slow down enough to feel it. I fell unabashedly in love with Mandolin Miami  – an Aegean restaurant founded by husband and wife Anastasia Koutsioukis and Ahmet Erkaya – in one of those moments…

In March I flew to Miami with my family, with every intention of visiting Mandolin, because I absolutely love Mediterranean food, and had been hearing about the place from my foodie friends. When the plane landed I got on my phone to make a reservation, and sitting in my inbox was the sweetest note from Anastasia herself! She was writing to say she was a fan of EyeSwoon, an old fan of my husband Victor’s music, and inviting us to Mandolin as her guest any time we were in Miami! M A G I C.

That night we shared the most incredible meal together – discussing our love of food and design, our philosophies on love and life, and the journey of finding your truth and your voice. I felt like I truly saw this beautiful woman and she saw me. Our ideas about the simple things in life – about pouring your heart into making things beautiful from your plate to home, even if it takes more time because that’s what gives life integrity – were one and the same. I have no doubt; we were meant to swoon together! And I was certainly meant to eat the Ah-Maze-Ing food at Mandolin.

Mandolin captures the best of Mediterranean – Anastasia is Greek and Ahmet is Turkish, two cultures with deep-seed ancient rivalries, but these lovebirds have overcome that. I felt transported to an island with the vibrant blues of Greece, the bright pink of Bougainvillea, and the twinkling of tiny lights. And the food! A plethora of veggies, daily homemade yogurt and breads, grilled octopi and prawns, and the most succulent lamb – all intertwined with the flavors of Turkish and Grecian love! Mandolin whisked me away to that place, and made me, and my palette, swoon.



Mehmet Efendi Turkish Coffee

Mehmet Efendi Turkish Coffee

Turkish Coffee Pot_with Wooden Handle

Turkish Coffee Pot

The Foods of the Greek Islands Recipe Book

The Foods of the Greek Islands

Iliada Kalamata Greek Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Iliada Kalamata Greek EVOO

Turkish Towel 100% Pure Cotton Peshtemal

Turkish Towel 100% Pure Cotton Peshtemal










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