Moving On…. Inspiration for my New Home!

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So that time has come – after all, we are approaching the 2 ½ year mark that I have resided in my current Dumbo apartment. Most people think I am absolutely MAD moving every few years – pack, move, uproot, renovate, design, unpack and finally SWOON. But there is noting I love more than a new design project. So, here we go again!


All images found on my Loft Inspiration Pinterest page.

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I just signed a contract for a new home, still in Dumbo, but a completely different style space that I will 100% gut renovate – creating my own floor plan that suits my families needs and with a seriously extreme design departure as compared to my current duplex penthouse.

Loft inspiration_athena_calderone_dumbo_design_eyeswoon_renovate8_full
Loft inspiration_athena_calderone_dumbo_design_eyeswoon_renovate8

My vision is Scandinavian minimalism in a controlled neutral palette – yet playing upon juxtapositions as I often do. Super pale herringbone floors, interior metal and glass doors to separate the common rooms, a deeply saturated dark hue kitchen to play upon the contrast to the light floors and white walls offset against black paneled doors.

Loft inspiration_athena_calderone_dumbo_design_eyeswoon_renovate_full_10
Loft inspiration_athena_calderone_dumbo_design_eyeswoon_renovate1

I have been somewhat absent to that all encompassing rabbit hole that Pinterest offers, but am diving back in to those delicious deep waters. EyeSwoon has taken center stage over the past few years but I am silly excited to step into the interiors space again – I am putting my design cap back on with utter excitement.

Loft inspiration_athena_calderone_dumbo_design_eyeswoon_renovate_9_full
Loft inspiration_athena_calderone_dumbo_design_eyeswoon_renovate5

I am obsessed with the simplicity of these black sconces lining the hallway walls.

Loft inspiration_athena_calderone_dumbo_design_eyeswoon_renovate2

This is all slightly premature as we have yet to occupy the space but here is my vision….. Black and white and chic all over.  The next few months I will be sleuthing out on all things design & decor.

Loft inspiration_athena_calderone_dumbo_design_eyeswoon_renovate3

Stay Swooned to see the entire process unfold – floor plan development, material choices, appliance selection and furniture selects – here on Eye-Swoon.com

Loft inspiration_athena_calderone_dumbo_design_eyeswoon_renovate4

Black doors are certainly an extreme and dramatic design statement which I am absolutely swooning over!

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