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The BASICS: 35 Pantry Essentials Every Home Kitchen Needs

Words by Sacha Strebe.

Curation by Jordana Mostel

The BASICS: 35 Pantry Essentials Every Home Kitchen Needs

When it comes to pantry essentials, there are the kitchen staples everyone should have and from there, it’s completely individual to your tastes and cooking style. But the basics? Well, they’re universal: salt, pepper, spices, honey, flour, etc. For us, the key to successful at-home cooking is always ensuring your pantry is fully stocked with these simple necessities so the foundation is set for almost any meal you want to make from scratch. While this certainly isn’t a master list, we do consider it to be a good beginning from which to build your own. Because no kitchen pantry is complete without Maldon Salt—right? 

So, keep reading to discover our list of pantry essentials to ensure your home kitchen is well-stocked, plus a few of our favorite containers to keep it all organized in the most stylish way possible. 

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