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Room Swoon: Shop My Brooklyn Bathroom

If like us, you’re driven by an insanely curious nature, then you also jump at the chance to peek inside other people’s homes, explore their creative process, and interpret their visual language into your own spaces. Unlocking the kernel of inspiration that gave rise to a design idea or interior vision has always been what fascinates us more than the finished look. It’s this preoccupation for the behind-the-scenes that gave birth to our Room Swoon series. So join us as we tap into our inner voyeur for a captivating glimpse into spaces we love and the design spark that inspired it—then shop the look to bring it home. Up next, Athena Calderone’s Brooklyn Bathroom.

Room Swoon: Shop My Brooklyn Bathroom

On the second floor of my Brooklyn townhouse, I let the architecture inform the space. Grand double doors from my bedroom lead to my bathroom, boasting an old-world-style bathtub, plaster walls, and marble fireplace, but the hallway in between the closet and bathroom served no purpose. 

Room Swoon: Shop My Brooklyn Bathroom
Room Swoon: Shop My Brooklyn Bathroom

This demanded a statement. I explored wallpaper, a mural, decorative hooks—nothing felt right. 

Sarah Elliott
Sarah Elliott
Sarah Elliott
Sarah Elliott

Obsessed with collecting plinths and pillars for the home, I was attracted to ancient Greek marble columns, but it wasn’t until I saw a detailed wood-paneled room at the University of Padua, designed by Gio Ponti, that I felt inspired to unite these two ideas. This is what I love so much about the alchemy of design and two disparate references! I worked with Kamp Studios to wrap fluted plaster up the walls and over the ceiling, drawing the eye to the room’s focal point: the bathtub. I wrote all about the fluted portal process here.

Sarah Elliott
Sarah Elliott
Room Swoon: Shop My Brooklyn Bathroom

There is friction to be found in playing with extremes. Our bathroom, boasting old European charm, took on a decidedly feminine identity with its pink-veined marble, 1930s Murano chandelier resembling a flower’s stamen, and romantic freestanding bathtub. I intentionally contrasted the daintiness by injecting harsh black elements—window frames, vanity mirrors (which I painted myself), and a range of vessels. I also introduced strong sculptural forms, like a nude male torso and strident sconces.

Sarah Elliott
Sarah Elliott
Sarah Elliott
Sarah Elliott

Never would I have imagined bathing daily in a pink shower. It was not my intention but rather I was led to it at the stone yard. A, because of its beauty. B, because of its price. Initially my budget did not allow for a slab shower, or so I thought. Turned out this slab was not much more than the marble tile I had budgeted for. I share this because I find it imperative to remain open, malleable, when it comes to the materials and finishes in your home. Take a visit to your local stone yard and explore, dig through the various natural stones and ask questions. You might be surprised where your eye leads you—I know I was!

Nicole Franzen
Nicole Franzen

Over the years I have amassed a slew of design tricks—this one just might be my favorite. Most of the lighting in my homes is vintage, like this 1950’s French sconce. 

NOW HERE’S THE HACK—a solution of water and salt applied directly to the unlacquered brass will accelerate the oxidation process and deliver a perfectly weathered “vintage” look. This is also a wonderful reminder to get crafty and creative—there is always a clever problem-solving solution to be found.

Room Swoon: Shop My Brooklyn Bathroom

There is friction to be found in playing with extremes.

Shop My Brooklyn Bathroom:

A modern, sculptural take on the classic clawfoot tub.

Elevate your bathtime into a self-care ritual with this handmade bath tray.

Bring a hint of old-world luxury to your bathroom with brass faucets (and use my salt water hack to give it that vintage appeal!).

A shower can be an experience when you wash surrounded Mother Nature's raw beauty: marble.

Create your own rain shower with this beautiful brass ceiling mount.

Mirror, mirror on the wall, yes, you are the most beautiful of them all.

Create depth and meaning in a space with sentimental objects.

Vintage clay vessel

Fresh greenery and branches spilling out of antique vessels will bring life and natural beauty to your bathroom.

Bathrooms can be a space to push the boundaries of design. Approach it without limits and explore what's beautiful to you. I loved bringing in European art and sculptures into my space.

Athena Calderone x Beau Rush Ceramics Petit Footed Bowl

Rituals can take place all over the home but especially in the bathroom. Burn sage or palo santo to cleanse the space before you soak.

Just add clippings from the garden to bring the seasons indoors.

CB2 Vix Fluted Vase

Who doesn't love a fluted silhouette?


This travertine footed bowl can sit on a pedestal or on the counter to carry all your loose ends in style.

Proof that hooks can be beautiful too.

I am a huge fan of Coyuchi's organic sheets and their towels are no exception.

Parachute Classic Turkish Cotton Slippers

Slippers are always a good idea, especially when they're this plush and comfy.

Parachute Tan Waffle Robe

Make your bathroom feel like a hotel.

Bring textures into your bathroom, differ your materials, and add earthy elements to make the space feel sensual and personal.

Italian Multi-Colored Marble Cube Tables on Wheels 1980s, Set of 2

Play with scale by varying the heights with square side tables alongside tall pedestals.

Calacatta Viola Marble side table

Mix your surface types and experiment with varied materiality in your decorative choices.

Moroccan Cross Rug

I love having a Moroccan rug in my bathroom. You don't need to be precious with them—the more you use them the better they get!

Vintage is always my go-to because it instantly brings depth and meaning into a space, not to mention visual interest.

Pair of Italian Torch Wall Sconces in Brass and Glass

Enrich your space with history by inserting decorative lighting that harks back to another era in time.

Antique Georgian oil painting portrait of senior gentleman in suit

Bathrooms are rooms too. Don't limit yourself—add paintings and artwork that personalizes the space.

If you have the room, it's nice to introduce a small, comfortable stool to dry yourself off, apply your skincare, or makeup.

I clearly have a thing for natural materials and this marble beauty is just gorgeous.

Iris Hantverk Bath Brush

Bathrooms are self-care central. I love having a body brush on hand for dry brushing my skin before a shower or bath.

GROWN ALCHEMIST Intensive Body Cream

Then I apply a beautiful body cream to re-hydrate the skin afterward.

Practical can be pretty too.

I have always loved the simplicity and natural scent of Aesop. An oldie but a goodie.

Nécessaire The Hand Cream With Peptide

Hand cream that looks good sitting on your counter, too? Yes, please.

Bring sculptural elements into your bathroom with simple decorative updates like this handmade vase.

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