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Wellness & Self-Care Gifts That Celebrate the Art of Living

The daily peace a well-cultivated and tranquil adobe provides is a welcome respite from the business of the world outside. We often think of wellness as a physical state of being rather than a state of belonging. We consider how to move our bodies to channel positive energy or create a better sense of flow and connectedness. We evaluate what we consume mentally and physically, and every now and then we make edits to deprioritize our time. Embodying optimal health feels more centered and aligned when our environments mirror back a feeling of safety, belonging, and comfort. And what better way to head into the New Year than treating your most cherished to the gift that keeps on giving: self-care gifts.

Creating a space to process our emotions, recharge our bodies and express our passions is an investment in well-being. From healing technology to luxurious home accessories, these self-care gifts promise health and happiness well beyond the season. Our wellness gift guide is just what the doctor ordered for peace and joy all season (and all year) long. 

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Photo: Mikey Detemple
Photo: Mikey Detemple
Wellness & Self-Care Gifts That Celebrate the Art of Living

Embodying optimal health feels more centered and aligned when our environments mirror back a feeling of safety, belonging, and comfort.

Shop Wellness & Self-Care Gifts:

Sakara’s Nutrition Programs provide fresh meals, teas, supplements, and support. They are ready-to-eat, organic, plant-based, gluten-free, dairy-free, no refined sugar, non-GMO, and delivered straight to your door, with no prep or cooking required. Enjoy 25% off every Sakara System and nutrition program any week now until the end of December. 

These extra-large cones are made of 100% sustainable palo santo from the Andes Mountains of Peru. With notes of dark forest clearings, crumpled sheets, and the sweet bite of early morning, this is a scent that lingers long after it’s gone.

There’s nothing more potent than the healing power of Mother Nature. Explore the unique chakra aligning potential of crystals and find the perfect pairing to suit your needs.

Poured by hand into a marble vessel, this Istanbul inspired candle channels fresh green figs and rose petals for a fragrance that is naturally romantic.

A standout in any bathroom, Loewe’s licorice body bar is a playful nod to leaving coal in a stocking. Keep it tabbed for your naughty and nice list. 

Vida Glow’s hydrolyzed marine collagen has been activated to boost absorption (so your body can actually use it) and stimulate new collagen production resulting in firmer skin, thicker hair, and stronger nails.

This candle comes in a glazed terracotta earthenware vessel with a Juniper Berry scent perfect for the festive season to strike the winter mood.

This stylish diffuser is a long-time favorite. We love this Eucalyptus-hued edition for its refreshing green color palette update.

Air care made beautiful. This sleek and stylish humidifier naturally hydrates your air and looks great while doing it.

For those that live in frigid climates, a bathroom towel warmer means a daily does of spa-like comfort. Your guests will be wowed. 

Sustainably sourced, natural, and organic, Frama’s Deep Forest candle gift box is perfect for the nature lover or earthing enthusiast. The fragrance is grounding, herbaceous, and inspired by the wild Abies fir woods of Korea.

Surprise them with GP’s award-winning fragrance in Shiso. Clean formulated and non-endocrine disrupting, GOOP’s line of perfume is a non-toxic luxury safe for sensitive bodies.

The all-black Theragun Prime edition looks as good as it feels. This device is a wonder for increasing circulation and relieving aches and pains.

The ritual of a warm bath is healing and restorative, especially with a dash of Costa Brazil’s incredible bath salt blend. Featuring a mix of Epsom salt, mineral sea salt, and essential oils, this rich-in-cannabinoids formula is pure relaxation.

Part of the Seasons collection, this portable diffuser is a gift that keeps giving all year. Pair with essential oil fragrances from spring to winter for the full effect.

Plant based meals take center stage in this entertaining cookbook. Looking for healthy holiday recipes that feel special and full of flavor? This one’s for you.

A classic linen robe always makes for a luxurious present. This design is simple, ultra-comfortable, and unisex.

Crafted from deadstock, Blacksaw’s 100% recycled material alpaca blanket is an everyday luxury for the eco-conscious. The ivory and black stripe design are handsome, minimal, and oh-so cozy.

A massage oil candle from Kiki de Montparnasse looks fetching under the tree while also offering an exciting gift unwrapping experience.

The simplicity and pure luxury of this silk sleep mask design cannot be overstated. The fit is immaculate and the generous shape offers total blackout for a night of deep REM sleep. The very best companion for travel hounds, insomniacs, and sleep hygiene gurus.

Thermoregulating linen sheets are a true winter luxury that only improves year over year. Warm in the winter and cool in the summer, investing in fine linens is always a grand idea and the gift that keeps on giving.

For the friend who is always learning new skills, POJ Studio’s incense kit is a simple course in crafting beautiful aromatic oils. Complete with botanicals, mortar, and pestle, and a 30-minute process, it’s a fun family-friendly activity kit.

A unique party game designed by renowned psychotherapist, Esther Perel, Where Should We Begin is an invitation for storytellers to reveal intimacies, laugh, play and grow. It’s as therapeutic as it is fun. A sterling choice for newlyweds or couples.

Give your evening and nighttime routine an upgrade with the marshmallow-like comfort of this fluffy french terry robe. Cozy, warm, and lined with jersey T-shirt material, it’s a creature comfort that promises to make your skincare ritual feel like a day at the spa.

Trudon’s cashmere and wood scented candle is the ultimate expression of luxury. This refined and beautifully packaged fragrance is the ideal companion for those who enjoy a soak in the tub.

Trudon’s room spray fragrances look fantastic atop a vanity or living room shelf. The signature green bottle brings a nostalgic and lovely air to any space.

A wood bath tray encourages the healing ritual of spending time in the bath. Athena’s one-of-a-kind ebonized wood design is edited and essential for unwinding in style.

A thoughtful gesture for the friend who has been there for you all year, Aesop’s kit sends a beautiful message and creates a moment of luxury and repose at home or on the go.

Aromatic, uplifting, and calming… three things anyone needs. Give the gift of a total body reset with this olfactory experience that will transport their heart and mind to the Brazilian rainforest.

Five salts—pharmaceutical-grade Epsom salt, Himalayan pink salt, Dead Sea salt, New Zealand solar salt, and baking soda—combine in this intoxicating soak.

Soft, luxurious washcloths are the perfect upgrade to a luxurious soak or at-home skincare routine. 

Upgrade their morning ritual with this stunning marble tea box.

Drain the stress and tension away with this rose quartz eye treatment set.

Encourage rest and relaxation with the most luxurious linen bedding set. Sweet dreams are made of these. 

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