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The Doggy Gift Guide | Tuco Kismet Calderone

The Doggy Gift Guide | Tuco Kismet Calderone

tuco kismet calderone

We’ve got one more gift guide up our sleeve! Since Athena brought home her adorable new pup — we’ve been obsessed with doggy accessories and toys and spoiling the latest member to the Calderone clan. Snoop (or sniff) our gift guide to discover Athena’s go-to presents for her own pup or someone else’s furry friend.

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Sheesh what a leash

I got this exact leash for Tuco! It combines utility and comfort with modern aesthetics.


Play tug-o-war with your pup, safety and chicly. 

Bin or bed

These beautiful handwoven bins can be used for doggy storage and also double as a (very luxurious) dog bed!

Bowl goals

This double dog bowl is made of recycled plastic with no finish or paint and is totally safe for feeding your pup!

cozy + calming

Tuco loves to lay wherever the sun is shining in our home so we usually place a cozy throw wherever the rays are the brightest so he can soak it up and take a nap.

The Chore Coat

Our go-to for cold winter walks!


Can’t wait to try out some doggy treat recipes – these pans are key if you’re planning to bake some homemade goodies!

Nighty night

This stylish floor bed will give your furry friend a spot to sleep that goes well with any home decor

Treat toy

This toy is simple + oh-so-smart! Just put treats in it and The Odin will dispense them.


With key ingredients like lemon rind and tea tree leaf, this will give your pet the cleanest scent.

For the peanut butter lovers

This toy is the perfect peanut butter hider that will keep Tuco endlessly entertained.

Meal plan magic

Personalized meals based on your dog’s age, breed, activity level, allergies, and ideal weight — our dog loves to munch on these meals all day every day!

More is more

You don’t need to get a whole new dog bed to switch it up – this shearling bed cover is perfect if you’re bored of your basic bed!

Squeaky squeaky

Rarely do we find a squeaky dog toy that’s also this well designed

Between baths

These biodegradable wipes made with soothing coconut water and aloe vera to gently remove dirt and odor.

Turmeric treats

Now Tuco can enjoy one of my favorite wellness trends — all the anti-inflammatory powers of the mighty turmeric root in a yummy treat for him!

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