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The Swooniest Pin-Boards

Video by Jordana Mostel

NEVER have I received so many inquiries about the pin-boards in my home office.  With so much interest I decided to create a tutorial of the process since I made these myself when I couldn’t find boards that met my desired aesthetic.  The goal here was to create three rectilinear boards to create visual interest on the wall – one massive board would have been far too overbearing and solid. While I wanted to make a statement with the vertical tryptic, I also wanted the boards to be monochromatic so that they recede into the wall. But not too tonal and boring, the texture of the burlap was essential here and offered a tactile effect!  Here is what you need for this simple and inexpensive DIY.  

  • Homasote board from home depot or lowes — these are super easy to cut into your desired shape
  • Standard burlap by the yard
  • A staple gun
  • A paint roller
  • Your desired paint color
  • Gold grommets and screws
  • A screw gun
  • A level
It's all about tonal texture. But the tryptic offers visual interest while receding into the wall.
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