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The Ultimate Wellness Gift Guide for Mom

Words by Sacha Strebe.

The art of ceremony pervades every facet of my life. Whether it’s striking a match to burn Palo Santo in the early hours to cleanse your space or pouring hot water onto your favorite tea blend and sipping it slowly, these small mindful moments have the power to transform our mindset, our energy, and our mood. Now, more than ever, these daily self-care rituals have become an antidote to pandemic seclusion, social anxiety, and stress. There is comfort in their repetition. And in a world that demands so much from us, this is precious time we set aside just for us. So this Mother’s Day, why not encourage your mom, caregiver, and provider to reclaim their rest, set intentions, and tap into their intuition with our wellness gift guide. These sensory moments of scent, sight, and sound will transport your loved ones to their own space in time that’s just for them.

Of course, taking better care of your emotional, mental, physical, and spiritual health shouldn’t cost you, we think a small token to express your gratitude for their sacrifice and unconditional love is priceless. So, keep scrolling to discover our wellness gift guide with curated self-care essentials for your mom on Mother’s Day. 

The Ultimate Wellness Gift Guide for Mom
The Ultimate Wellness Gift Guide for Mom
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