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Maggie Holladay Is All About Less Is More—But There’s a Caveat!

Words by Sacha Strebe.

Maggie Holladay Is All About Less Is More—But There’s a Caveat!

Ever dreamed of turning your hobby into a dream job? Well, we found the motivation you need to make it a reality. If you haven’t heard of Maggie Holladay then we’re guessing you’ve heard of her business, Claude Home. Ever since the fashion stylist turned design entrepreneur launched her website of curated objects, vintage furniture, and artisanal sculptures, we’ve been hooked. And it’s hard to imagine from her lightning rod success that it all started with an Instagram mood board of inspo and objects she collected.

With an eye like Holladay, it’s not surprising that a large following grew and a furniture collection soon followed. And so did the celebrity fans—Elsa Hosk’s bouclé sofa featured in her SoHo loft is one of Holladay’s designs! Keen to know more about this enigmatic entrepreneur, we tapped her for our 5 Swoonworthy Things series to learn more about her journey, design philosophy, and current obsessions.

Maggie Holladay Is All About Less Is More—But There’s a Caveat!
Maggie Holladay Is All About Less Is More—But There’s a Caveat!

NAME: Maggie Holladay

PROFESSION: Founder, Claude Home

HOME BASE: Los Angeles and New York

INSTAGRAM: Claudehome and Maggieholladay__


WHAT YOU LIKE MOST ABOUT YOUR JOB: Meeting new people, helping artists grow, and now designing my own furniture line.


DESIGN PHILOSOPHY: Less is more, but also don’t make your home feel like a museum it’s important to have a space that feels lived in and welcoming.

YOUR AESTHETIC IN 3 WORDS: Timeless, Minimal, and Serene.

WHAT INSPIRES YOUR WORK MOST AND WHY? Vintage furniture. I think a lot of new designs coming out tend not to be so timeless. So when designing my newest collection (releasing soon) it was important to me that the pieces felt vintage yet up to date. Like a pair of vintage Levi’s that you want to pass down to your kids.

I’M ENDLESSLY OBSESSED WITH____ BECAUSE: Small marble objects like the Willow bowl that we designed. They add nice elements and dimensions to your space.

DESIGN TREND YOU LOVE? Pedestals with sculptures on them. It elevates and completes any room.

ONE YOU WISH WOULD GO AWAY? Pink lacquer furniture. I use to be a victim of it, but to me now, it makes a space feel a bit childish.

COLOR OR NEUTRAL? EXPLAIN. Neutral to give a serene feeling space, but pops of color to make it feel more lived in.

HOW AND WHERE YOU SHOP: I’m a very strict online shopper. My furniture go-to’s are 1st Dibs, @Pheromones116, @sit_on_vintage, and eBay.

For clothing, Net-a-Porter is just an amazing one-stop-shop. I also love shopping at small businesses such as The Frankie Shop, Trois the Label, Kuzyk, and Feel Jeans.


EyeSwoon, of course. Athena is such an inspiration when it comes to designing a space, but also just an overall amazing and inspiring woman I look up to.

Jake Arnold is such an amazing designer. It’s been incredible to watch him grow and take on so many amazing clients. I find his taste impeccable and his ability to make a fully designed home feel so homey amazing.

Shop Maggie's 5 Favorite Things:

I might be biased but it’s the perfect piece for your coffee table, mantle or even dining table.

Byredo Tree House Candle, is my absolute favorite candle. It smells a bit masculine which I love and gives your home a very homey feel.

It has such an organic shape, and looks perfect on my pedestal in the entry way of my home.

Nordic Knots Grand Dusty white rug is the perfect rug for your home. Its so simple, plush, and brings a serene feel to your space.

This mirror by Jordan Mcdonald studio is such a dream piece. It adds a fun element to your space but also is extremely functional. The detail on it is amazing and its such an original piece to own.

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