Terracotta Décor to Bring That Earthy Touch Home

Words by Sacha Strebe.

Terracotta Décor to Bring That Earthy Touch Home

If you’ve been coming here for a while you’ll know we’re all about elevating the everyday. In fact, you could say it’s a bit of a mantra at ES HQ. We believe that mirrors, lamps, and art have just as much a place in your kitchen as the knives, chopping boards, and pepper grinders. When you spend as much time as most of us do in the kitchen, it makes sense that you would design a space you want to be in. And this applies to every other room in your house, too. We’re always seeking out decorative elements that turn a functional area into a heartfelt one. From vintage vessels with patinaed surfaces, artisanal pieces that reflect the charm of the hand, and natural materials like marble, stone, and terracotta décor to bring depth and meaning home.

The latter is what we’re diving into today. And if you hadn’t already noticed, terracotta is having a moment—a well-deserved moment we might add! Whether you’re painting your walls in the earthy hue or choosing a vase to decorate your bookshelf, we can’t get enough of the baked clay. If you feel the same way, then keep reading to shop some of our favorite terracotta décor. You’re welcome.

Terracotta Décor to Bring That Earthy Touch Home
Terracotta Décor to Bring That Earthy Touch Home

Shop Our Favorite Terracotta Décor

'Sphere' medium vase, bubl, terracotta

This unique bubble vase was inspired by ancient Chinese vessels with an earthy tone and texture that displays the touch of the hand.

Bring the magic and warmth of terracotta by cande light to your space.

The textured surface of this ceramic lamp in the terracotta shade is solution-oriented with style. Yes, please!

All this needs is a single stem or statement branch.

Honor your morning ritual with this handmade three-piece set.

EQ3 Bingo Stool

Bring Mother Nature into the room with a terracotta stool.

Statement lighting is Eny Lee Parker's signature. This handmade piece will light up any dark corner.

A little terracotta for the tablescape? Salad served on this plate never looked so tasty.

Decorative objects in the terracotta hue add a hint of earthiness to any surface.

Antique Terracotta Vessel

Ancient vessels with patina and timeworn details are always a good idea.

1950s Moroccan Terracotta Pottery

The more texture the better.

Wabi-sabi pottery plant pot. Antique terracotta vase

Minimalism works when every piece brings a piece of history into the room like this antique vase.

Handcrafted pot in natural terracotta

Consider handcrafted decorative objects in terracotta that display the versatility of the material.

vintage terracotta jug vase pitcher

Display this terracotta pitcher with fresh or dried flowers spilling out.

Ancient clay pot

For the book shelf or the your coffee table, this vase will add visual beauty to any space.

Antique Ukrainian Terracotta Big Clay Vessel

Look for aged terracotta with imperfections like this vessel to bring that lived-in look home.

These new terracotta planters will age perfectly outside in the sun and rain.

Old terracotta primitive clay vessel

Fill this one with sculptural branches for that artistic flair.

When modern shapes and ancient materials combine.

Antique clay pot Wabi sabi ceramics

Look for pieces that amplify the unspoken language of your space to bring it to life.

Roja Terracotta Small Flush Mount Light

This stunning light is proof that terracotta isn't just for pots or vases.

Sleek and simple, this cup will elevate your morning brew.

Terra Cotta Vases, Olpe, 9.75

Bring the traditional terracotta hue home with new pieces that will age over time.

Find that piece your room is missing with a little Etsy treasure hunt. This one is a beauty and under $150.

These planta bowls are crafted primarily from durable plant-based materials making it an eco-minded alternative to disposable dinnerware. Perfect for those upcoming gatherings.

Dark Terracotta Ceramic Squiggle Vase - 9.25

This would be a great addition among books and candles on a book shelf.


We can just see several of these dialing up the romance at your next dinner party.


Serve water to guests in a terracotta vessel.

The architectural shape of this minimalist vessel makes it a subtle statement piece for tabletops, mantels, or windowsills.

This simple table lamp is the perfect piece for a nightstand to shine just the right amount of warm light when you need it.

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