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40 Wellness Gifts to Make Their Lives Happier and Healthier

Words by Sacha Strebe.

40 Wellness Gifts to Make Their Lives Happier and Healthier

When someone asks, “how are you?” do you respond truthfully, or do you automatically utter “good, thanks” before you’ve even had a chance to think about it? For most of us, it’s the latter, and in most instances, this quick response is appropriate—after all, not everyone has time to hear how we really are! So, in that case, how often are you actually answering this query truthfully? And not just to others but to yourself? Taking a moment to reflect on our emotional state and the impact that could be having on our physical selves is critical to our mental health, too (and preventing future burnout!). For us, carving out space to reclaim our rest, set intentions, and tap into our intuition all starts with the space around us. So, what better gift this holiday season than wellness gifts that usher in those daily rituals, a space in time that’s just for them, to make their lives happier and healthier.

Read on for 40 wellness gifts that are sure to bring a smile to the face of your loved ones this year. It truly is the gift that keeps on giving! And if you need more options, then check out our gift guide hub for thoughtful present ideas!

Shop Our Favorite Wellness Gifts:

Sleep is critical to our ability to navigate life each day with clarity, grace, and focus. So why not help your loved ones create a safe haven for themselves that promotes safer, healthier, and more restful sleep? With a 480-thread count, Brooklinen's sateen sheets will elevate their snooze game with a buttery soft feel and luminous finish. Oh, and you can mix and match with 20+ colors and patterns to suit their individual style, too. Sleep never looked (and felt!) so good.

If you're a fan (like us) of Sakara's healthy meal delivery service, then you'll love their morning ritual collection. Complete with rechargeable electric frother, Metabolism Super Powder, and a daily ritual mug, this set will supercharge their morning brew to support digestion, ease bloat, and help break a sugar habit.

Lumira Arabian Oud Sphera Set

Housed in its striking glass sphere, Sphera proposes a deliberate ritual that allows the scent to release over time. Arrange lava inside the Sphera and add 8-10 drops of LUMIRA Essenza.

Athena Calderone x Beau Rush Ceramics Petit Footed Bowl

This handcrafted petite footed bowl is the perfect piece to kick off your new morning ritual. Burn some palo santo and embrace the serenity.

Prima Donna Antoinette Rose Soak

Let the power of pure Moroccan Rose essential oil blended with Jasmine Sambac and Saldalwood instantly boost your mood and relieve tension with this immersive bouquet.

Baina Green & White Roman Pool Towel

Made with 100% cotton in Portugal, this plush checkerboard towel fuses style with utility. This green hue is just the color to transport us to a state of wellness during our weekly self-care rituals.

Addition Studio Travertine Sphere Incense Burner

Carved from solid beige travertine, this incense burner beautiful while it cleanses your space, body, and soul. Use it to create a daily ritual of burning palo santo and set your intention for the day ahead.

Palo Santo Smudging Sticks from Peru Sustainably Harvested

Grown on coastal areas of South America, this enchanting tree is traditionally burned for its energetic purification and healing attributes, much like sage. When burned, it produces an enriching aroma that enriches your mind, opens your heart, and raises your vibration.

We all know by now that the secret to feeling good is in your gut. So, why not help your loved one to achieve radiance from within via Sakara’s 10-day reset that will nourish, support, and energize them. Modeled after their coveted nutrition program, the 10-Day Reset contains all the essential tools for living the Sakara Life from your own kitchen, on your own schedule. Give the life-changing gift of clearer, brighter skin, eased bloat, better moods, supported energy, fewer cravings, and so much more.

Athena Calderone x Wooden Palate Ritual Bath Tray

This one-of-a-kind wooden bath tray beautifully unites function, ritual, and aesthetic. Handmade from milled eucalyptus trees that have been dried for five years, each tray is totally unique, just like you.

The Art of Tea Wellness Tea Sampler Pack

Expand and engage your palate with this sampler pack featuring teas designed to cleanse, restore, and relax.

Sidia The Cardi Top

This draped cardigan and matching palazzo pant is a stylish step above your classic sweatsuit. Wear it indoors with your most comfortable house shoe, then slip on a sneaker or slide to check the mail, do groceries, or pick up the kids from school.

An Organised Life Gratitude Lined Notebook

This stylish bound notebook is a place to reflect, for journaling, dreaming, note-taking, and more. Keep it on their nightstand with a pen to ensure gratitude-list taking is part of their morning ritual and sets their day up for success.

Wander Valley Hinoki Bar

Transport you to a serene hinoki forest in rural Japan with this handmade soap made with Wander Valley’s über special extra virgin olive oil, as well as coconut and avocado oils. Turn your shower into an experience.

Montana Labelle Lincoln Incense Burner

Handcrafted out of a unique slab of Emperador marble, the Lincoln looks just as beautiful when burning incense as it does when stashing garlic in the kitchen, or cotton balls and Q-Tips in the bathroom.

Lesse Elevated Essentials Set

This transformative skincare ritual will awaken and clear dull and blemish-prone skin with a simplified, spa-like regime.

Lunya Organic Pima Romper

You never knew you needed a sleep romper. Until now. But this isn’t just for sleep. Wear it lounging around the house, taking the dog for a walk, on a date, grocery shopping—whenever you want to feel comfortable and confident, too. It layers perfectly with pretty much everything.

Kroma Majik Matcha

Take the matcha experience up a notch on the wellness ladder with this "majik" formula. Free of carbohydrates, fat, and sugars, this matcha supports your body while making you feel nourished thanks to powerful superfoods like spirulina, turmeric, and ginger. It’s the perfect way to start your day.


Working out never looked so good. And when you’re done moving your body, this dumbbell does double-duty as a decorative object, doorstop, or bookend. Genius.

Nature of Things Recovery Ritual

Elevate your wellness practice with this three-step Recovery Ritual that helps to ease the body and calm the mind. This gift is optimal for anyone experiencing pain and discomfort, or who just needs help winding down.

Kate McLeod Grounding Stone

With rich, woody vetiver to support a meditative mind, and zesty bergamot to restore balance, the Grounding Stone will help you find your center with an intentioned moment. The best part? Zero plastic or waste. This stone softens on contact with warm, dry skin and once absorbed, leaves skin soft, supple, and glowing.


Embrace your wellness ritual, whatever that looks like, in this stylish jumpsuit. Pair it with a sweater around your shoulder or waist, sneakers or slides, and you’re good to go from the gym to the farmer’s market, and even a matcha date with friends.

Vintner’s Daughter Oolong Radiance Tea Blend

If you love their botanical serum as much as we do, then you’ll want to get your hands on Vintner’s Daughter’s limited-edition tea blend too. Just like their skincare, these restorative botanicals are hand chosen and grown by conscious farmers who focus on quality over quantity. Achieve that radiance from within glow with vibrant nettle leaf (with skin-beautifying mineral silica), alfalfa (boosting the appearance of brighter skin), and spearmint (a helper for healthy digestion and skin).

EMILIE HEATHE Lip R&R Exfoliating Lip Balm

Once you have tried this lip balm, you will never want any other lip balm again. This unique scrub-to-balm formula gently exfoliates lips with dissolving sugar beads and a silicone scrubbing tip that helps to rid dry lips of excess skin. Trust us, this is like nothing else on the market.

Foria Wellness Bath Salts with CBD & Lavender

These mineral-rich bath salts are formulated with CBD to relive tension along with kava, lavender, calendula, ginger, and hemp to calm the body and mind, while nourishing the skin, encouraging circulation, and relieving discomfort. The ultimate wellness ritual is here.

Osea Body Exfoliation Duo

If you haven’t experienced the spa-like ritual of Osea products, then it’s time to board the train. This brand brings the healing benefits of the sea to your skin with nourishing, plant-based ingredients that are clean and enriching. This body exfoliation duo will turn your daily shower into an at-home spa ritual for a full body sensory experience. Trust us on this one!

Tata Harper x Nette Limited Edition Into The Forest Candle

If you’re a fan of Tata Harper’s botanical skincare or Nette’s clean candles, then this collaboration is a match made in heaven. This limited edition candle was inspired by Tata’s favorite, pine tree-filled corner at the farm with invigorating notes of Pine, Cypress, Black Pepper, Clove, and Firm Balsam to bring the calming forest bathing ritual home.

Christophe Robin Intense Hydration Ritual

The king of haircare, Christophe Robin pairs three of his iconic treatments to hydrate and resotre your stressed strands. Because good hair has the power to make us feel invincible.


Inspired by her Korean upbringing—where she observed her grandmother and mother apply different parts of the eggs onto their skin—Erica Choi founded clean and vegan skincare line, Superegg. This innovative eye & cheek mask is crafted from soothing hydrogel to cool, calm, and boost skin elasticity. The end result? Smooth egg-like elastic skin.

In Fiore ADAPT  SCEND Tincture

This concentrated formula blends the energetic effects of flower essences to protect the body, mind, and spirit from stress. Powerful adaptogen herbs like Ashwagandha, reishi, jujube, and bergamot come together to help improve vitality, sleep, mood, and fatigue.

Maude Burn No. 1 Massge Candle

Made with skin-softening jojoba and soybean oils, this hand-poured massage candle has been designed to be poured on the skin once melted.

Canopy Humidifier

This isn’t like the humidifiers you grew up with. Canopy is a no-mist, hassle-free humidifier that helps improve skin and health. It also helps to alleviate cold, flu, and allergy symptoms by helping to reduce the spread of viruses indoors thanks to cutting-edge airflow technology and UV lights that kill 99,9% of bacteria, mold, and viruses in the water with its clean, mist-free moisture.


After reinventing our skincare routine with their award-winning formulas, now they’re helping us glow from the inside out. This daily dose of ultra-potent superfoods has been designed to nourish, hydrate, illuminate your skin thanks to bioavailable vitamins, probiotics, prebiotics, adaptogens, antioxidants, anti-inflammatories, and aminos.

Outdoor Voices Snacks 7/8 Legging

Always frustrated at the lack of pockets for stashing snacks and a water bottle when hiking? Well Outdoor Voices save the day with these utilitarian leggings that have smart pockets for all your essentials, a mini backpack, and shirt loops for hands-free recreation.

BALA 1 LB Weighted Bangles, Set of 2

Not just for the gym, these stylish 1 pound weights can be used for your ankles or wrists to create extra resistance for training and hiking, or folding the laundry! The world just became your gym.

Wildling Aura Collection

If you’re a fan of gua sha then you’ll love this full-body system that helps to release tight muscles, stimulate lymph flow, and smooth out the skin’s surface. The set includes a body brush, activator serum, body oil, and gua sha stone that work together to achieve optimal wellness.

Cuzen Matcha Starter Kit

Looking to upgrade your matcha ritual? This unique system has been designed with a ceramic mill to produce a fine matcha powder that’s then automatically whisked into water, recreating the ancient art of stone-ground Japanese matcha.

Hurom H-AA Matte Black Slow Juicer

For the friend who never leaves home without a green juice in hand, this Hurom juicer uses slow squeeze technology to squeeze out juice instead of shredding. Why is this important? It minimizes heat and oxidation to preserve freshness and maintain maximum nutrition.

Alo Essentials Set

This set is sure to make the yogis in your life smile. With all the essentials to create an at-home or studio yoga practice, this gift set includes two yoga blocks, towel, yoga strap, and non-toxic mat.

HigherDOSE Infrared Mat

Combining PEMF with infrared to ground you in the earth’s magnetic field and detox your body. The penetrative heat and soothing crystals will help alleviate muscle tension, reduce stress, and even promote better sleep.


A rug that doubles as a wall hanging? Now that's the gift that keeps on giving. This will keep your loved one warm and cozy with its 100% baby alpaca softness while also creating a timeless, stylish space with its monochromatic design.

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