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On The Rocks – Edible Flowers!

Photography by Sarah Elliot | Alpha Smoot | Athena Calderone

As summer comes to a close I am always filled with mixed emotions. In a sense I am looking forward to the structure of city life, but I will certainly miss the bohemian beach life of Amagansett. An abundance of nature walks, the palette of the horizon as the sun slips into the sea, and daily visits to the Farmers Markets… It all happened so rapidly this season that it feels like a blur. Part of me wishes I could keep these long, languid summer days frozen in time—can’t anyone find a way to bottle up summer? The feeling, the soul, the flavors, the scent of the sea, the vibrancy—I’d certainly pop that cork as much as possible throughout the dreary winter days!

In this final week of summer I was reminded that I actually do indeed have a little bit of this swoony season captured, frozen in time, in my freezer! Early in the season I was inspired by the bounty of edible flowers blooming at the farmers market: I enjoyed them both in summer salads and in cocktails. Then I had the brilliant idea to freeze up some of these delicate beauties so they never wilt (more like summer in an ice cube than a bottle).

If there was ever a feature synonymous with the essence of Eyeswoon, it would be this very On The Rocks edible flower post! To infuse FLAVOR into a cocktail as it simultaneously swoonifies the visual BEAUTY of the drink? That combination of taste and beauty make this cocktail EyeSwoon at its core!

My Elderflower and Prosecco End-of-Summer Cocktail got all dressed up with the crack of an ice cube, making it even more eye-catching and tasty than usual. Also, feel free to play around with freezing other herbs, flowers and fruit—the possibilities are endless.

Summer is served!

Edible Flower +Herbed Ice Cubes

Eyeswoon Kitchen


Makes 12 extra large cubes:

  • Distilled water, boiled and cooled
  • 2 extra large ice cube trays (we used silicone “bourbon” ice trays that make 6 cubes)
  • 12 edible flowers (Flowers that are grown to be eaten –no pesticides or other chemicals. We used pansies)
  • 6 small sprigs of thyme

The Prep

Ice Cubes:

  • Fill ice cube trays about 1/3 full with the distilled water and add a flower facing down.
  • In 6 of the cubes also add a sprig of thyme with the flower.
  • Freeze. Once frozen, fill 2/3 full with the distilled water.
  • Freeze. Fill to the top with water and freeze again.

Elderflower Cocktail

Eyeswoon Kitchen


  • 1 part Elderflower sparkling water
  • 3 parts Italian Prosecco or any brut sparkling wine (non-sweet)
  • lemon rind

The Prep

  • Place ice cubes in a wine or champagne coup glass. Add to each glass one lemon rind.
  • Add 1 part elderflower sparkling water followed up 3 parts Prosecco.
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