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Smoked Salmon Roll 

Chef Hung Huynh
Smoked Salmon Roll 


8 oz. Smoked Salmon

8 oz. Avocado

4 oz. Cream Cheese

8 oz. Sushi Rice

2 ea. Nori

4 tbsp. Toasted White Sesame Seeds

4 tbsp. Black Sesame Seeds

The Prep

On bamboo rolling mat, lay 1/2 sheet of nori flat. Top with rice covering nori sheet evenly from top to bottom. Sprinkle with both kinds of sesame seeds. Turn the sheet over and place cream cheese directly in the middle in a thin line from side to side. Add smoked salmon and avocado on top of cream cheese.  Bring bottom of nori sheet up to the top and pull back to tighten all ingredients tightly in side. Lay plastic wrap over the roll (to avoid rice from sticking) and shape with bamboo rolling mat. Cut, plate and serve the roll.

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