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How do you define a woman’s aura? Is it simply a feeling, an energy that lingers? And how exactly do we ensure that we remain deeply connected to the core of who we are? Yes, it is always there, but when we are pulled in every which direction, there are times of separation. It is in these moments that we need to dive deeper within ourselves and carve out quiet, sacred time, reserved exclusively to connect to our own individual identities. In my own life, there were rituals I used to engage in that have fallen by the wayside. These rituals are what make me, me.

I have been thriving on the multi-facets of my life these past 3 years. I am mom and wife first and foremost, but I am also currently an author with a massive, looming deadline, a cook, a designer, a photographer, a stylist and an editor. With life being full-throttle these days, I find myself feeling nervous and emotional at times, sad even, that some of the small things I used to savor over in solitude have been lost. Amidst the frenetic activity, I sometimes feel like parts of myself are being lost, too.

I was inspired by a recent partnership celebrating the launch of Donna Karan’s latest fragrance, Cashmere Aura, to refocus on myself, and reveal my inner light once again.

To do that, I reclaimed some time exclusively for me and escaped to Amagansett to connect more deeply to my heart and my head, to simply feel more like me. I awoke at sunrise when the air was still dewy and the fog abundant, to write in my journal, something I used to do with such regularity but have abandoned for years. I laid in bed, alone for hours, drinking tea, nibbling on a freshly-baked vanilla and citrus-infused cake, reading the newspaper and poring over the pages of my favorite shelter magazine – something time has not allowed for quite awhile. I pulled out my moon tarot cards and created a cleansing ritual for my soul, surrounded by delicate flowers and powerful crystals. I curled up with a cozy blanket as I burned sandalwood and sage smudge sticks to clear the energy of the room and reset a new aura within myself and my space. Through this sensuous experience, I was taking back a bit of what can get buried in the hustle.

My intimate morning ritual, inspired by Donna Karan Cashmere Aura, was a time for me to find contentment in solitude, to reconnect with my essence. This soft fragrance was inspired by the idea of what a woman leaves behind as she leaves a room, and it made me think about how what we project is absorbed by others. Negative emotions are contagious, but so are feelings of centeredness and a sense of calm – an inner glow. Isn’t that what is meant by aura? At times we may feel separated from who we are. But while we may disengage at times, our true self remains. This is me, taking it back.

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