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This Was the #1 Design Story on EyeSwoon This Year (Any Guesses?)

Words by Sacha Strebe.

Adrian Gaut
Adrian Gaut

As Athena Calderone said in her book, Live Beautiful: “Design can be a talisman to transport and transform.” This invitation to feel something through the conduit of creativity is available to us all and it can be as simple as restyling your coffee table or arranging your bookshelf. The true beauty of design lies in the process, in those sparks of inspiration, or when “mistakes” turn out to be the right way after all. And there’s nothing we love more than to share those moments we experience, along with design advice, tips, tricks, and of course, shopping! After taking a dive into our top design stories for the year, it’s clear you love learning about them too.

Your favorite? How to Make a Pin Board for Your Home Office in 10 Minutes, of course, followed closely by Every Single Paint Color in Every Room of Athena Calderone’s Brooklyn Home. No real surprises there. Keep reading to discover more of the top design stories you read (and loved!) on this year. And a massive thank you for all of your support—we can’t wait to share more in 2022!

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